Those Who Kill

For the U.S. television series, see Those Who Kill (U.S. TV series).
Those Who Kill

Danish DVD cover
Also known as 'Den som dræber'
Genre Crime drama, thriller
Created by Elsebeth Egholm
Starring Laura Bach
Jakob Cedergren
Lars Mikkelsen
Lærke Winther Andersen
Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
Country of origin Denmark
Original language(s) Danish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (Denmark)
6 (UK, Germany)
Running time 60 min. (Denmark)
120 min. (UK, Germany)
92 min. (Fortidens skygge)[1]
Original network TV2
Original release 13 March (2011-03-13) – 15 May 2011 (2011-05-15)

Those Who Kill (Danish: Den som dræber) is a Danish crime TV series from 2011, which follows a fictitious unit within Copenhagen Police which specialises in investigating serial murders. The series was aired as five two-part stories in Denmark (i.e. ten episodes in total), but has aired as five feature-length episodes in most other countries. A separate 92 minutes feature film, Fortidens skygge, which forms a continuation and ending of the series, premiered in Danish cinemas on 15 March 2012,[1] and is being aired as a final, sixth episode of the series in many other countries, such as the UK and Germany.

The series is created and written by Elsebeth Egholm and Stefan Jaworski, with various other screenwriters helping out as episode writers, among them Siv Rajendram, Rikke De Fine Licht and Morten Dragsted. Directors have been Birger Larsen, Niels Nørløv and Kasper Barfoed. The series is a Danish-German-Swedish-Norwegian co-production.[2]

Although originally planned to run for several seasons, Danish TV2 announced in October 2011 that there would be no further seasons made, due to falling viewer shares after the first few episodes. TV2 programming manager Keld Reinicke stated that, "We have no plans to continue the series as it never gave us the audience share we expected in Denmark."[3]


Actor Character Episode(s)
Laura Bach Katrine Ries Jensen All (team member)
Jakob Cedergren Thomas Schaeffer All (team member)
Lars Mikkelsen Magnus Bisgaard All (team member)
Lærke Winther Andersen Mia Vogelsang All (team member)
Frederik Meldal Nørgaard Stig Molbeck All (team member)
Iben Dorner Benedicte Schaeffer All (team member)
Carsten Bjørnlund Adam Krogh Liget i skoven
David Dencik Lars Werner Utopia
Stine Stengade Andrea Lorck Utopia
Ulrich Thomsen Martin Høegh Ondt blod
Kim Bodnia Jakov Øje for øje
Thomas Levin David Øje for øje
Alexandre Willaume Simon Dødens kabale
Marie Askehave Maria Dødens kabale
Mille Dinesen Signe Dødens kabale


Danish episode title First broadcast
in Denmark (TV2)
Danish viewers
TNS Gallup[4]
First broadcast
in Sweden (TV4)
Swedish viewers
MMS [5]
English episode title First broadcast
in the UK (ITV3)
Liget i skoven 13 March 2011 (part 1)
20 March 2011 (part 2)
1,477,000 (part 1)
1,329,000 (part 2)
10 October 2011 (part 1)
17 October 2011 (part 2)
NA (part 1)
815,000 (part 2)
Corpse in the Woods[6] 23 February 2012[7]
Utopia 27 March 2011 (part 1)
3 April 2011 (part 2)
1,155,000 (part 1)
1,156,000 (part 2)
24 October 2011 (part 1)
31 October 2011 (part 2)
825,000 (part 1)
NA (part 2)
Utopia[8] 1 March 2012[8]
Ondt blod 10 April 2011 (part 1)
17 April 2011 (part 2)
1,026,000 (part 1)
906,000 (part 2)
14 November 2011 (part 1)
21 November 2011 (part 2)
NA (part 1)
NA (part 2)
Bad Blood[9] 8 March 2012[9]
Øje for øje 24 April 2011 (part 1)
1 May 2011 (part 2)
619,000 (part 1)
859,000 (part 2)
28 November 2011 (part 1)
5 December (part 2)
NA (part 1)
NA (part 2)
An Eye for an Eye[10] 15 March 2012[10]
Dødens kabale 8 May 2011 (part 1)
15 May 2011 (part 2)
801,000 (part 1)
913,000 (part 2)
12 December 2011 (part 1)
19 December 2011 (part 2)
NA (part 1)
A Deadly Game[11] 22 March 2012[11]
Fortidens skygge Cinema premiere:
15 March 2012[12]
NA NA NA Shadow of the Past[12] 29 March 2012[13]


Those Who Kill has been sold to broadcasters in more than 25 countries. In Germany 3.8 million viewers watched the final episode on channel ZDF.[14] In the United Kingdom, the series has been shown by commercial channel ITV3.[15]

U.S. remake

In January 2012, the A&E television channel announced that it had bought the rights to develop a U.S. version of the series.[16] A pilot episode began filming in Pittsburgh in December 2012, produced by Fox 21 and written by Glen Morgan. The pilot starred Chloë Sevigny as police detective Catherine Jensen, and James D'Arcy as forensic profiler Thomas Schaeffer.[17] In April 2013, A&E announced that it had greenlit a 10-episode first season of the series, which would begin production in Pittsburgh in late 2013. The series premiered on A&E on March 3, 2014.[18]

Although the series received poor critical reviews, it got positive viewer reviews.[19]

A&E pulled the series after poor opening ratings plunged even more for the second episode, then moved it to Lifetime Movie Network (LMN), where it was not renewed for a second season.[20]


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