Thomas Salisbury

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Sir Thomas Salisbury (or Salusbury) (1564 – 20 September 1586) was one of the conspirators executed for his involvement in the Babington Plot.

18th century copy of a portrait of Sir Thomas Salisbury

Salisbury was the elder son of Katheryn of Berain and her first husband, Sir John Salusbury, and was the heir to the Lleweni Estate. He married Margaret Wynn (daughter of Katheryn's third husband, Maurice Wynn), and their daughter, Margaret, eventually inherited Berain, whereas Lleweni went to Thomas's younger brother, Sir John Salusbury. Thomas Salisbury was implicated in the plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots, and he was executed, along with Sir Anthony Babington and several others, by being hanged, drawn and quartered.[1]


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