Thomas O'Connor (writer)

Thomas O'Connor (1770–1855) was an Irishman who in 1801 emigrated from County Roscommon, Ireland, to New York where he devoted himself chiefly to journalism.[1]


When O'Connor first emigrated to the United States from County Roscommon in Ireland, he was associated with William Kernan (father of Francis Kernan) and others in establishing a settlement on a tract of 40,000 acres in Steuben County, New York. He eventually abandoned the enterprise, returned to New York City, and spent the rest of his life there. He devoted himself largely to literary pursuits, contributing to the journals, writing and publishing books, and editing various periodicals, including the Military Monitor, established in 1812, the Shamrock, and the Globe, founded in 1819.[1]


O'Connor published works included:[1]


His son, Charles (1804–1844) became a prominent lawyer and politician.[2]


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