Thomas Newport, 4th Earl of Bradford

Thomas Newport, 4th Earl of Bradford (c. 1696 18 April 1762),[1] styled The Honourable from 1708 to 1734, was an English peer and noble.

Newport was the third son of Richard Newport, 2nd Earl of Bradford.[2] His mother Mary was the third daughter of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 3rd Baronet.[2] After a fall from his horse in his youth Newport suffered from feeble-mindedness for the rest of his life.[3] Richard, his father's second son and Member of Parliament had died in 1716[4] and so on the death of his oldest brother Henry Newport, 3rd Earl of Bradford in 1734, he succeeded in the titles.[1]

Newport died unmarried in Weston Park in Staffordshire.[3] His estate was transferred to his sister Diane, while all his titles became extinct.[3] In 1815, the earldom was revived for Orlando Bridgeman, a descendant of a daughter of the 2nd Earl.[5]


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