Thomas Handasyd

Thomas Handasyd or Thomas Handasyde was an English soldier of the late seventeenth and early 18th centuries. He served as Governor of Jamaica from 1702-1711.[1]

Handasyd saw service in the Williamite War in Ireland (including the Battle of the Boyne) and the Flanders campaigns of William III's Allied Army during the Nine Years War. He subsequently took part in an expedition to Newfoundland in 1697.

Handasyd took over as Governor of Jamaica, a position he held during much of the War of the Spanish Succession. The position came to him largely by default as the senior military officer on the island.[2] He was promoted to the rank of Major General while in office. He was followed as Governor by Lord Archibald Hamilton.

Having requested his recall, he returned to England in 1711 and retired. He was succeeded as commander of the 22nd Foot by his son Roger Handasyd. He died the following year.


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Government offices
Preceded by
Peter Beckford
Governor of Jamaica
Succeeded by
Lord Archibald Hamilton
Military offices
Preceded by
William Selwyn
Colonel of 22nd Regiment of Foot
Succeeded by
Roger Handasyde
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