Thma Bang District

Thma Bang
District (srok)
Thma Bang

Location in Cambodia

Coordinates: 11°49′N 103°25′E / 11.817°N 103.417°E / 11.817; 103.417
Country  Cambodia
Province Koh Kong
Communes 6
Villages 18
Population (1998)[1]
  Total 2,880
Time zone +7
Geocode 0907

Thma Bang District is one of six districts (srok) and a municipality of Koh Kong Province in south-west Cambodia. It is about 72 kilometres (45 mi) from central Koh Kong. Thma Bang district is bordered on the east by Sre Ambel District and Aoral District of Kompong Speu Province, on the west by Koh Kong District and Mondol Sima District, on the north by Velveng District and Krovanh District of Pursat Province and on the south by Botumsakor District. Thma Bang district has 6 communes comprising to 17 villages and occupies 3,465 square kilometres (1,338 sq mi). About 98% of the population are farmers who depend on agriculture and forest resources hunting for living.

Thma Bang[2]
Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Ta Tey Leu Spean Kdar, Kandal, Trapeang Khnar
Pralay Chamnar, Pralay, Samraong, Toap Khley, Ta Ngil
Chumnoab Chumnoab, Chrak Ruessei
Ruessei Chrum Trapeang Chheu Trav, Kokir Chrum
Chi-Phat Chi Phat, Tuek L'ao, Chom Sla', Kom Lot
Thmor Donpove Kaoh, Preaek Svay


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Coordinates: 11°49′N 103°25′E / 11.817°N 103.417°E / 11.817; 103.417

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