Therese Krones

Therese Krones, 1824, by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Therese Krones (7 October 1801 – 28 December 1830) was an Austrian actress of much ability and grace in comic parts. She was born at Freudenthal of parents who were engaged in the theatrical business.

After several provincial tours she appeared at the Leopoldstädter Theater in Vienna, where she played with Ferdinand Raimund, who greatly influenced her technique.

In 1827, she retired from the stage for a time, being unjustly accused of complicity in the murder of Johann Conrad Blank by Severin von Jaroszynski. She wrote several plays: Sylphide, das See-Fräulein (1828), Der Branntweinbrenner und der Nebelgeist (1829), and Kleopatra (1830).

Krones died in Vienna after a short but serious illness, aged only 29. She was buried at the St. Marx Cemetery, but in 1930 was exhumed and reburied in an honorary grave in the Vienna Zentralfriedhof.


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