Theodora of Trebizond

For the 15th-century princess of the same name, wife of Uzun Hasan, see Despina Khatun.

Theodora Megale Komnene (Greek: Θεοδώρα Μεγάλη Κομνηνή, Theodōra Megalē Komnēnē), (before 1253 after 1285), was Empress of Trebizond from 1284 to 1285. She was a daughter of Emperor Manuel I of Trebizond by Rusudan, a Georgian princess. Although some consider her Manuel's second wife, Michel Kuršanskis has argued that Rusudan may have been simply his mistress.[1] Kuršanskis also notes that the evidence is insufficient to determine if Theodora was identical with one of the princesses of Trebizond mentioned in the Chronicle of Bishop Stephanos who married a noble or the king of Georgia, or if she had been a nun much as Anna Anachoutlou was before her usurpation in the following century.[2]

In 1284, with the help of Georgian King of Imereti, David VI Narin she managed to seize the crown from her half-brother, Emperor John II.[3] John II may have taken refuge in Tripolis.[4] Shortly afterwards she was defeated and John regained his throne, but she had managed to reign long enough to have minted her own coins. A few types of silver aspers and bronze nomismas are evidence that she was the only Empress of Trebizond to have coined money.[5] Her fate after John's restoration is unknown.


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Theodora of Trebizond
Komnenid dynasty
Born: unknown Died: unknown
Regnal titles
Preceded by
John II
Empress of Trebizond
Succeeded by
John II
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