Theo Müller

Theo Müller
Born 1940 (age 7576)
Aretsried, Germany
Residence Erlenbach, Switzerland
Nationality German
Occupation Sole owner, Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller
Net worth $3.7 billion (February 2015)[1]
Children 9

Theo Müller (born 1940) is a German heir and businessman, the head of the dairy company Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller.

Early life

Theo Müller was born in Aretsried, Germany in 1940,[1] the son of Alois Müller.[2]


The Müller company was founded in 1896 by his grandfather Ludwig Müller[2] in Aretsried, Bavaria. In 1938, his father Alois Müller took over.[2] Theo took over in 1971, when the dairy business only had four employees.[2]

Today, apart from the dairy businesses, Theo Müller Group has a packing company (Optipack), logistics (Culina), transportation (Fahrzeugtechnik Aretsried), fruit processing (Muller Naturfarm) and a fish restaurant chain (Nordsee). More recent acquisitions have included companies making chilled salad, sauces and dressings, speciality fish and baked goods.[1]

In 2012, the company purchased Robert Wiseman Dairies, which supplies 30% of the UK's fresh milk market, for £280 million. In November 2014, the company agreed to buy Dairy Crest's milk business for £80 million. Theo Müller commented, "Bringing the two dairy operations together will enhance the merged business's ability to compete and will ensure that customers continue to receive quality products at low prices".[3]

Theo Müller is the sole owner, and as of 2015, Ronald Kers is the new CEO, replacing Heiner Kamps, who retired in 2015.[4] The company now employs more than 20,000 workers.[5]

Personal life

Theo Müller has nine children,[1] seven with his wife Hanna Bittmann, who he divorced in 1995, and two daughters with his partner Ines Hüvel.[6] His eldest son, Stefan Müller, is a board member of Theo Müller Group.[7]

In 1995, Müller survived a kidnapping attempt in which a pistol and electrical-shock equipment was held to his head. He jumped out of the car, and was working again later that afternoon.[8]

He has lived in Erlenbach, near Zurich, Switzerland since 2003.[1] In an interview with Der Spiegel in 2003, Müller explained that he and his children were all moving to Switzerland to avoid having to pay Germany's 30% inheritance tax.[8]


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