The Ups and Downs of a Handyman

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman

cover of tie-in novel
Directed by John Sealey
Produced by Kenneth F. Rowles
Written by Derrick Slater
John Sealey
Starring Barry Stokes
Sue Lloyd
Bob Todd
Music by Vic Elms
Cinematography Douglas Hill
Edited by Jim Atkinson
John W. Carr
Release dates
Running time
100 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman is a 1975 British comedy film directed by John Sealey and starring Barry Stokes, Sue Lloyd and Bob Todd.[1][2] It was also known at various times as 'Confessions of a Handyman', 'Confessions of an Odd-Job Man' and 'The Happy Housewives'.[3]


After his wife inherits a cottage in the countryside, her husband takes up a job as the local handyman but soon becomes entangled with the women of the village.


Critical reception

The Radio Times noted "another cheap-and-cheerful sex comedy in the vein of Timothy Lea's naughty bestsellers. Barry Stokes brings a certain cheeky charm to the title role, while Gay Soper, Sue Lloyd and Valerie Leon find him plenty to do around the house. What little comedy there is comes from Benny Hill stalwart Bob Todd, as the local magistrate, and Chic Murray, as a harassed bobby. Derrick Slater's script is one long smutty gag, while John Sealey's direction is perfunctory at best." [3]


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