The Twin (film)

The Twin

Film Poster
Directed by Yves Robert
Produced by Danièle Delorme
Xavier Gelin
Yves Robert
Fideline Films
Les Productions de La Guéville
Written by Donald Westlake (novel)
Élisabeth Rappeneau
Starring Pierre Richard
Camilla More
Carey More
Narrated by Pierre Richard
Music by Vladimir Cosma
Cinematography Jean Harnois
Edited by Pierre Gillette
Distributed by AAA
Roissy Films
Release dates
October 10, 1984 (France)
December 19, 1985 (West Germany)
Running time
104 min
Country France
Language French

The Twin (French: Le jumeau) is a 1984 French comedy film directed by Yves Robert, starring Pierre Richard, Camilla More and Carey More.[1] The film's screenplay is based on Donald Westlake's novel "Two Much".

Its American/Spanish remake "Two Much", starring Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, was released in 1995.


The financially troubled businessman Matthias Duval gets to know two beautiful unwed sisters. Betty and Liz Kerner are twins and they are about to inherit a fortune. But the according last will states they mustn't receive the assets unless they are married. Duval tries to solve the issue by pretending he was a twin too. He invents a twin brother and in order to make everybody believe there was a second person with his looks he creates for his imagined brother a character very different from his own. But this leads to unforeseen complications.


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