The TORPET № 18 (March/April 1983)
Editor Bruce Beach
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bruce Beach
First issue November 1980
Final issue 1984
Country Canada
ISSN 0821-1809

The TORPET was a Toronto-based computer magazine directed at users of Commodore's 8-bit home computers.

Publication history

Though named for and associated with the Toronto PET Users Group (TPUG),[1] the magazine was published independently of the club as a commercial enterprise with paid writers.[2][3] Twenty-eight issues were produced for TPUG from November 1980 to August 1984.[4]

In 1984 TORPET's owner and editor, Bruce Beach, dissociated the publication from TPUG and relaunched it as an oceanography journal, backronymming its name to Today's Oceanographic Research Program for Education & Training.[2] TPUG launched its own computing journal, TPUG Magazine, in February 1984.[5]

A 320-page anthology of The TORPET's most popular articles, The Best of The TORPET Plus More for the Commodore 64 and the VIC-20, was published in 1984 by Copp Clark Pitman. It featured type-in listings for over a thousand freeware programs, articles and cartoon strips teaching BASIC and machine language programming, memory maps, and user documentation for popular public domain software.[6]


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