The Smart Set Anthology

The Smart Set Anthology

cover of first edition
Author edited by Burton Rascoe and Groff Conklin
Country United States
Language English
Genre short stories, poetry, drama, nonfiction
Publisher Reynal & Hitchcock
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages xlviii, 844 pp.
OCLC 00684972

The Smart Set Anthology is an anthology of selections from The Smart Set literary magazine, edited by Burton Rascoe and Groff Conklin. It was first published in hardcover by Reynal & Hitchcock in 1934, and reprinted as The Smart Set Anthology of World Famous Authors by Halcyon House in the same year. It was reissued by Grayson as The Bachelor's Companion in 1944. The book has the distinction of being the first anthology with which Conklin was involved in an editorial capacity; he went on to become a prolific anthologist, mostly of science fiction.[1]

The book comprises a representative sample of the best pieces that had appeared in The Smart Set magazine, collecting works of fiction, poems, articles, plays, and miscellaneous pieces by various authors, together with an introduction by Rascoe. For pieces originally published in the magazine issue dates are provided below.[2]



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