The Silly Song

Not to be confused with The Muppets song of the same name.

The Silly Song is a song from Walt Disney's animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sung by Otis Harlan, Billy Gilbert, Pinto Colvig, Roy Atwell, and Scotty Mattraw. This features an instrument septet. The dwarfs yodel in this song.

Sleepy: clarinet-like wind instrument, similar to a tarogato or soprano saxophone in sound, shaped like a fish
Grumpy: finely carved organ
Dopey: drum kit
Sneezy: lute
Bashful: concertina
Doc: double bass-like instrument called a swanette; also Sneezy's lute.
Happy: yodeler; also Doc's swannette and Dopey's drum kit at the end.

Synopsis of the Number

After discovering Snow White in their house and having dinner, the dwarfs throw a party for Snow White. In the song, Happy and Bashful each sing about something silly, both of which are followed by a chorus. After which, the dwarfs all take turns dancing with Snow White. A little more than halfway through the song, Dopey climbs onto Sneezy's shoulders while wearing a long cloak so that he could seem like a tall enough dance partner for Snow White. They dance with her for a little while, and then she lets them dance on their own. Dopey's dance is abruptly ended when Sneezy lets out a really big sneeze causing Dopey to pop out, fly upward and out of the coat, and safely into the cottage's rafters.

This song includes a drum solo by Dopey, driven by his pursuit of a pesky housefly, an organ solo by Grumpy, and a lute solo by Doc. This segment is immediately followed by the "Someday My Prince Will Come" segment.

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