The Secret of the Selenites

The Secret of the Selenites
Directed by Jean Image
Written by France Image
Jean Image
Starring Dominique Paturel
Pierre Destailles
Serge Nadaud
Jacques Marin
Marc Dudicourt
Georges Atlas
Pierre Mirat
Robert Rollis
Philippe Castelli
Angelo Bardi
Jacques Ciron
Gabriel Jabbour
Music by Shuki Levy
Haim Saban
Release dates
Running time
76 minutes
Country France
Language French

The Secret of the Selenites (French: Le secret des sélénites) is a 1984 French animated comedy film directed by Jean Image. It is also known as Moon Madness in the USA and Moontrek in the UK.[1]


The film follows the adventures of Baron Munchausen, who is prompted to travel to the moon by his cousin Sirius, an astrologer convinced that it is inhabited by an ancient race called the Selenites. The Selentites incidentally possess the secret of immortality. The Baron takes up his cousin's offer and travels to the moon using a tall masted ship pulled by three hot air balloons and he is aided by his super-ability friends (who are from the prequel to this film, The Fabulous Adventures of the Legendary Baron Munchausen). When they reach the moon, they are initially placed in jeopardy as their craft lands in a crater and they fall into a subterranean sea inhabited by monsters; however, the Selentites come to rescue them and take them back to their kingdom where they meet the King and Queen. However, while he is there with his friends, the moon is invaded by the Green Meanies, led by the ostentatious Trivert, who will stop at nothing to get the talisman of eternal life for themselves. They manage to defeat the meanies and they are awarded the talisman for themselves and for Sirius - and they gain the secret of eternal life. The film ends with the Baron and Sirius at the end of the 20th Century, in a futuristic world inhabited by flying cars and skyscrapers reminiscing on their adventures.

English voice cast


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