The Red Queen (novel)

The Red Queen

First UK edition cover
Author Philippa Gregory
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Cousins' War
Genre Historical fiction
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date
Media type
Pages 400
ISBN 978-1-84737-457-8
Preceded by The White Queen
Followed by The Lady of the Rivers

The Red Queen is a 2010 historical novel by Philippa Gregory, the second of her series The Cousins' War. It is the story of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII of England.[1][2] The 2013 BBC One television series The White Queen is a 10-part adaptation of Gregory's novels The White Queen (2009), The Red Queen and The Kingmaker's Daughter (2012), and features Amanda Hale as Margaret Beaufort.[3]

Critical reception

Publishers Weekly noted of The Red Queen that "Gregory puts her many imitators to shame by dint of unequalled energy, focus, and unwavering execution."[1]

AudioFile magazine gave its Earphones Award to the audiobook recording of the novel, calling Gregory "the queen of British historical fiction" and praising narrator Bianca Amato's performance as "regal and riveting".[4]


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