The Pride of Jennico

The Pride of Jennico is a four-act play based on the book by the same name from Agnes and Egerton Castle published in 1897 by the Macmillan Company. [1]

James K. Hackett as Captain Basil Jennico

The setting is the mid-1700s and the plot revolves around Captain Basil Jennico, an English gentleman in the service of the Austrian Empire, and the Princess Marie Ottilie of Lausitz-Rothenburg. [2]

In America The Pride of Jennico was produced by Charles Frohman and staged by Edward Everett Rose. The play was adapted for the stage by Abby Sage Richardson and Grace L. Furniss with costumes and set design by Herrmann and E. G. Unitt, respectively. The Pride of Jennico opened in New York on March 6, 1900, at the Criterion Theatre on 44th and Broadway, and had a run of 111 performances. [3][4]


New York Times revue, March 7, 1900

“Three emphatic hits were scored last night in the Criterion Theatre by James K. Hackett, who again establishes his right to rank high in the list of romantic actors; by Bertha Galland, who met a New York audience for the first time and conquered it, and by the The Pride of Jennico a melodramatic play that Abby Sage Richardson and Grace L. Furniss have constructed from the chief incident in the novel by Agnes and Egerton Castle.”

Opening Night Cast

  • Carl Ahrendt...........Janos
  • George Alison.........Karl
  • Frank Anderson......Gottlieb
  • Virginia Buchanan...Lisbeth
  • Edward Donnelly.....Anton
  • Bertha Galland........Marie Ottilie
  • Mace Greenleaf......Timar
  • James K. Hackett...Basil Jennico
  • Thomas A. Hall.......Von Krappitz
  • Miss Head.............Rosel
  • Arthur Hoops.......Sir John Beddoes
  • James Ottley.......Landlord
  • Sidney Price........Ismali
  • Grace Reals........Michel
  • Amy Ricard.........Bertha
  • Gertrude Rivers....Marie Pahlen
  • Brigham Royce....Van Rothenburg
  • Longley Taylor.....Markham
  • George Trimble.....Hildebrand
  • Stephen Wright.....Fabula

Film version

Jesse Lasky produced a film version of the play in 1914 starring House Peters and Betty Harte.


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