The Peoples Decide

The Peoples Decide
Leader Josu Juaristi
Ana Miranda Paz
Founded 2014
Ideology Independence movements
Left-wing nationalism
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation None
European Parliament group European United Left–Nordic Green Left
European Parliament
1 / 54

The Peoples Decide (Spanish: Los Pueblos Deciden, Galician: Os Pobos Deciden, Basque: Herriek Erabaki, Aragonese: Os Pueblos Deciden, Asturian: Los Pueblos Deciden; LPD) is a Spanish electoral list in the European Parliament election in 2014 made up from left-wing pro-independence parties.

The components of the list were:

The head of the list was Josu Juaristi (EH Bildu) followed by Ana Miranda Paz (BNG). The writer Suso de Toro was also present in the list, within the quota of the BNG. If LPD won a single seat, EH Bildu and the BNG agreed to divide the legislature based on the votes of the list in the Basque Country, Navarre and Galicia.


The Peoples Decide obtained 326,464 votes (2.08%), which allowed the coalition to obtain a MEP. The best results were obtained in the Basque Country and Navarre (autonomies where was the second most voted) and Galicia (where LPD was the fifth most voted list). The candidate of EH Bildu Josu Juaristi will be present in the European parliament the first three and a half years and the candidate BNG, Ana Miranda Paz the remaining year and a half.[7]

Autonomy Votes % Position
 Andalusia 2,184 0.08 % < 10º
 Aragon 1,241 0.27 % < 10º
 Asturias 1,392 0.37 % < 10º
 Canary Islands 3,424 0.60 % < 10º
 Cantabria 471 0.22 % < 10º
 Castilla-La Mancha 529 0.07 % < 10º
 Castilla y León 1,358 0.14 % < 10º
 Catalonia 7,248 0.29 % < 10º
 Ceuta 20 0.13 % < 10º
 Valencian Community 2,081 0.12 % < 10º
 Extremadura 229 0.06 % < 10º
 Galicia 80,394 7.88 %
 Balearic Islands 924 0.34 % < 10º
 La Rioja (Spain) 212 0.18 % < 10º
 Madrid 2,570 0.12 % < 10º
 Melilla 9 0.06 % < 10º
 Region of Murcia 355 0.08 % < 10º
 Navarre 44,129 20.21 %
 Basque Country 177,694 23.36 %
 Spain 326,464 2.08 %


  1. BNG y EH Bildu concurrirán juntos a las elecciones europeas.
  2. For a ecosocialist Europe of the peoples!
  3. ANC y UP participaran en la candidatura Los Pueblos Deciden en las elecciones al parlamento europeo.
  5. La militancia d’Andecha Astur decide participar nes Europees na coalición liderada por EH Bildu.
  6. Puyalón de Cuchas, EH Bildu y BNG confirman su participación en las europeas en la coalición Os Pueblos Deciden.
  7. Ana Miranda (BNG) ocupará un año y medio el escaño conseguido por la coalición Los Pueblos Deciden.
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