The Oil Sharks

The Oil Sharks
Directed by Rudolph Cartier
Henri Decoin
Produced by Sam Spiegel
Written by Philipp Lothar Mayring
Heinrich Oberländer
Reinhart Steinbicker
Ludwig von Wohl
Henri Decoin
Starring Arlette Marchal
Vivian Grey
Gabriel Gabrio
Peter Lorre
Music by Rudolph Schwarz
Cinematography Georg Bruckbauer
Eugen Schüfftan
Edited by Rudi Fehr[1]
Rudolf Schaad
Release dates
14 July 1933
Running time
90 minutes
Country Germany
Language French

The Oil Sharks (French:Les requins du pétrole) is a 1933 German drama film directed by Rudolph Cartier and Henri Decoin and starring Arlette Marchal, Vivian Grey and Gabriel Gabrio.[2] It is the French-language version of Invisible Opponent, made with the same crew but a largely different cast and some alterations to the story line.



  1. The Internet Database credits Phillis Fehr as the editor, which is incorrect. Rudi Fehr, a prolific editor, claims that this was one of the films he edited. See LoBrutto, Vincent (1991). "Rudi Fehr". Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing. ABC-CLIO. p. 33. ISBN 9780275933951.
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