O'Brien Press

The O'Brien Press is a publisher in Ireland of mainly children's fiction and adult non-fiction and the only Irish publishing house to have received the prestigious International Reading Association Award.

The O'Brien Press was founded in 1973, evolving out of a family-run printing and type-house. Its first publication came in November 1974 and numerous other titles soon followed. O'Brien published books are regularly shortlisted for the Bisto Book of the Year Awards. As of 2007, no less than 24 books published by the O'Brien Press have won a Bisto Award.

The O'Brien Press is notable for launching the career of international, bestselling author, Eoin Colfer, publishing the "Benny Books" and The Wish List, and have also published The General by Paul Williams, which was made into a major film by John Boorman in 1998.[1][2]

Authors published by O'brien Press


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