The Night Belongs to Us

The Night Belongs to Us
Directed by Carl Froelich
Henry Roussel
Produced by Carl Froelich
Written by Henry Kistemaekers (play)
Walter Reisch
Walter Supper
Starring Hans Albers
Charlotte Ander
Otto Wallburg
Walter Janssen
Music by Franz Grothe
Hanson Milde-Meissner
Cinematography Reimar Kuntze
Charles Métain
Edited by W.L. Bagier
Jean Oser
Distributed by Bild und Ton GmbH (Germany)
Protex Pictures (US)
Release dates
23 December 1929 (Germany)
20 February 1931 (US)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

The Night Belongs to Us (German:Die Nacht gehört uns), released in English as The Night Is Ours or The Night Belongs to Us, is a 1929 German sports romance film directed by Carl Froelich and Henry Roussel, and starring Hans Albers, Charlotte Ander, and Otto Wallburg.


The film was based on a 1925 play by Henry Kistemaekers. Art direction was by Franz Schroedter. The film's exterior scenes were shot on location in Sicily and the AVUS racetrack in Berlin, and was one of the first German part-sound films to be released during the transition from silent to sound.[1] A separate French language version The Night Is Ours was also released, directed by Roger Lion.



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