The Mythology Class

The Mythology Class is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Filipino comic creator Arnold Arre. It was originally published by the author in four issues in 1999, and was collected into a special edition by Adarna House in September 2005. The latest edition is a reprint of the special collected edition, published in November 2014 by Nautilus Comics.

Summoned to a secret gathering one stormy night by the mysterious Mrs. Enkanta, University of the Philippines anthropology student Nicole Lacson finds herself face to face with tikbalangs, kapres, and all sorts of engkantos–Philippine mythical creatures–she had only heard about from her grandfather’s stories. Together with new found friends, she embarks on a quest into the realm of myth and folklore where she fights alongside heroes of her childhood against an age-old terror. Follow in their footsteps as their adventure takes them through the familiar streets of Metro Manila and into a world more fascinating than they had ever imagined.

The story also invokes historical and mythological Filipino heroes like Sulayman and Lam-ang.

The original series won a Manila Critics Circle National Book Award on September 11, 2000 and is the first to win in the Comic Books category.[1]

Citation by the Manila Critics Circle

This four-issue series is a landmark in itself: a comic book that combines Filipino myths and legends with modern humor, action and sensibility. The result is a quirky, enjoyable comic book series that is thoroughly modern and Filipino in its approach. Through his distinctive art and story, Arre imbues his young warriors with a spunk, spark, and whimsy that resonate with any reader. In The Mythology Class, Arre gives us a glimpse of all that a truly Filipino comic book, drawing on all our multifarious influences, can become, all with a confident and unique style all his own. [2]


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