The Marriage Swindler

For the 1925 film, see The Marriage Swindler (1925 film).

The Marriage Swindler (German:Heiratsschwindler) is a 1938 German drama film directed by Herbert Selpin and starring Eduard von Winterstein, Viktoria von Ballasko and Kurt Waitzmann. It is sometimes known by the alternative title Die rote Mütze (The Red Cap).[1] A confidence trickster is released from prison and travels to a village where he blackmails and tricks women out of their savings, before eventually being caught.[2]


The film was directed by Selpin for the small studio A.B.C.-Film and based on a novel by Gertrude Von Brockdorff. Its neorealism and pessimistic tone were a sharp change from Selpin's recent work which had been dominated by musicals, comedies and society dramas and was extremely rare in the Nazi era when German cinema strove to be light and entertaining.[3] The film had trouble with the censors, and its release was delayed. It has been described as "One of the finest German sound films ever made".[4]



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