The Last Fling

The Last Fling
Genre Comedy
Written by Mitchel Katlin
Directed by Corey Allen
Starring John Ritter
Connie Selleca
Theme music composer Charles Bernstein
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Leonard Hill
Producer(s) Ronald H. Gilbert
Joseph Akerman (co-producer)
Mitchel Katlin (co-producer)
Daniel T. Cahn (associate producer)
Robert M. Myman (supervising producer)
Location(s) Los Angeles
Cinematography Peter Stein
Editor(s) Daniel T. Cahn
Running time 95 minutes
Production company(s) Leonard Hill Films
Distributor ABC
Original network ABC
Original release
  • February 9, 1987 (1987-02-09)

The Last Fling is a 1987 American made-for-television romantic comedy film directed by Corey Allen, written by Mitchel Katlin, and starring John Ritter and Connie Selleca.


Attorney Phillip Reed is tired of one-night stands. He then meets a woman at the zoo, Gloria Franklin, who is getting married in 2 weeks. When she meets Phillip, she lies to him and tells him her name is Marsha Lyons. The two hit it off right, away and Gloria/Marsha tells Phillip she'll call him. Gloria/Marsha doesn't plan on ever calling him back, but when she calls her soon-to-be groom and a woman whom he presumably slept with answers, Gloria/Marsha feeling betrayed by her soon-to-be-groom decides to call Phillip. She asks him to go to Mexico with her, and the two have an adventure getting there when the car they rented breaks down and catches fire. Then they hitch a ride with some local farm workers. Finally, they make it to a beautiful home that is owned by Gloria/Marsha's parents. They have a blast in Mexico, dining and dancing, eventually winding up in bed together. The next morning Phillip gets up looking for Gloria/Marsha who's already left. Phillip finds out via a videotape explanation left by Gloria/Marsha that she's getting married in a week and that he was supposed to be her last fling. Phillip then tries to find her. When he finally does, he tries to stop the wedding and convince Gloria that they belong together. In the end, Gloria leaves her unfaithful groom at the altar, and she and Phillip go for a walk in the zoo where they first met.



John J. O'Connor of The New York Times wrote that the film "tries hard, and often rather amiably, to be what used to be known as a romantic romp" but "gives us silliness that keeps toppling into stupidity."[1]


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