The Hated

The Hated
Origin Annapolis, Maryland, U.S
Genres Emo, post-hardcore
Years active 1985–1990
Labels Vermin Scum
Simple Machines
Troubleman Unlimited
Members Mike Bonner
Erik Fisher
Daniel Littleton
Colin Meeder

The Hated was an Annapolis, Maryland emo band from 1985 to 1990. The original members were Mike Bonner, Erik Fisher, Daniel Littleton, and Colin Meeder. The Hated are known as one of the earliest emo bands.

After an early start as a parody of some of the DC hardcore scene's more rockist tendencies, the band's music quickly became more serious, more musically complicated than that of many of their contemporaries and followers, including melodic basslines, vocal harmonies and guitar playing (and tunings) borrowed from folk music, and drumming often more reminiscent of Keith Moon of the Who than most punk and post-punk drumming. The lyrics were complicated as well, occasionally containing biblical allusions or phrases in French and German.

The original line-up recorded lasted until the fall of 1985, when Bonner was replaced by Kenny Hill of the Spastic Rats and Meeder was replaced by John Irvine. This version of the group recorded two of the Hated's best known works, the "Like the Days" EP and the sessions that were later released as the "What Was Behind" LP (this LP release has since been disowned by the band, as it was mastered at the wrong speed). Irvine left the band around the beginning of 1987; he was replaced first by Erik Fisher's brother Jason and then by Colin Meeder, who re-joined in early 1988.

After the dissolution of the Hated, Littleton and Meeder went on to form Three Shades of Dirty and were members of the band Slack with Jenny Toomey. Littleton was later a member of Liquorice with Toomey and appeared on Lisa Loeb's Tails. Littleton is currently a member of Ida.

The Hated's works are currently all out-of-print. A comprehensive compilation is said to be forthcoming from Troubleman Unlimited; this has, however, been delayed for several years.


Year Title Label Tracks
1985 A Crabtowne Comp. (A compilation tape of Annapolis-area bands) Vermin Scum Touch It, I Don't Like You, Heart Attack, Martyrs on a Reason, No Meaning, Crime, We Are the Cheese
1985 Demo Tape (aka "The Best Pice (sic) of Shit") Hey Mister, I Don't Like You, Somewhere, Intro/Your Mind, Words Come Back, No Meaning, Hate Me, The Good Old Days, Touch It
1985 No More We Cry 7" Vermin Scum Hey Mister, Waiting, Rubber Bullets, Words Come Back
1986 Demo Tape (aka "No More We Cry"), later re-released on vinyl as "What Was Behind"; tape is correctly mastered, vinyl mastered at the wrong speed
1987 Like The Days 2x7" Vermin Scum Underground, Not Mine, Damned Heart, Psalm
1989 Panx Vinyl Zine 03" 7" compilation Phanx Ballad
1989 Everysong 12" Vermin Scum Anonymous Descriptions of Uncontrollable Urges, These are the Days, Return, Pride & Confusion, Knocking on your Door, Promises, Someone
1990 "Wedge" 7" compilation Simple Machines I Am a Rock
1992 What Was Behind" 12" Vermin Scum Untold Mess, Immunity, Waiting, Less Than Nothing, What Was Behind, Fortunate One, Never Is Always, Departure, Ballad, Everysong, No More We Cry
1992 "Awl" cassette Simple Machines Hey Mister, I Don't Like You, Somewhere, Intro/Your Mind, Words Come Back, No Meaning, The Good Old Days, Touch It, Don't Eat The Food, Breakfast, Underground, Never Is Always, Police On My Clash, Damned Heart, Psalm, Knocking On Your Door, Every Song, Return
1994 The Machines: Simple Machines 7"s (1990-1993) Simple Machines I Am a Rock
1997 Desmond Outcast & the Transplanted Heroes 7" Troubleman Unlimited Two People Blue, Wherever You Go
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