The Great Madcap

El Gran Calavera
The Great Madcap

Film poster
Directed by Luis Buñuel
Produced by Óscar Dancigers, Fernando Soler
Written by Janet Alcoriza, Luis Alcoriza
Music by Manuel Esperón
Cinematography Ezequiel Carrasco
Edited by Carlos Savage
Distributed by Ultramar Films
Release dates
25 November 1949
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

El Gran Calavera (The Great Madcap) is a 1949 Mexican comedy film directed by Luis Buñuel. Its original premise has been used for the 2013 Mexican film Nosotros los Nobles.


Everyone takes advantage of Ramíro de la Mata (Fernando Soler), a funny drunkard and rich widower. His daughter Virginia (Rosario Granados), and his son Eduardo (Gustavo Rojo), as well as his lazy brother Ladislao (Andrés Soler), and his sister in law Milagros (Maruja Grifell), all do nothing while living at Ramíro's expense. Gregorio (Francisco Jambrina), his other brother tries to help him by making everyone believe that Ramíro is financially ruined, forcing the family to look for jobs of their own.


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