The Great Canadian Comic Books

The Great Canadian Comic Books is a 1971 book from Peter Martin Associates. It was written by Nelvana founders Michael Hirsh and Patrick Loubert, with partner Clive Smith as designer and illustrator. It looks at the "Canadian Whites" series of comic books made during World War II, with some focus on Nelvana of the Northern Lights, the genre's first superheroine, and Johnny Canuck, as well as their publisher, Bell Features.[1] It was accompanied by a two-year travelling tour of the art, the National Gallery of Canada's "Comic Art Traditions in Canada, 1941–45".[2]

The book's copyright was originally vested in Nelvana Limited. With the permission of Corus Entertainment, the current copyrightholder, Roy Thomas reprinted The Great Canadian Comic Books in its entirety in Alter Ego in August 2007.[3]

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