The Genetics Society

The Genetics Society

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Formation 1919
Type NGO
Headquarters Charles Darwin House
Region served
United Kingdom
Official language
Professor W Bickmore

The Genetics Society is a British learned society. It was founded by William Bateson in 1919 and therefore is one of the oldest learned societies devoted to genetics. Its membership of over 1700 consists of most of the UK's active professional geneticists, including researchers, teachers and students.[1] Industry and publishing are also represented in the membership.

It is a registered charity that organises meetings to promote genetics, publishes primary research in genetics and supports students to attend meetings. It sponsors research through fieldwork grants and student bursaries, and promotes the public understanding of genetics.

Society publications

The society publishes the journal Heredity in association with Nature Publishing Group and the journal Genes & Development in association with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.[2] It also publishes The Genetics Society Newsletter and the Naked Genetics podcast.

Medals and prizes

Mendel Lecture

Year Recipient
2015 Professor John Doebley
2013 Professor Stanislas Leibler
2012 Professor Eric Lander
2010 Professor Susan Lindquist
2009 Professor Wen-Hsiung Li
2008 Professor M Meselson
2007 Professor H. Robert Horvitz
2006 Professor Sir DJ Weatherall
2004 Chris R Somerville
2003 Dr MF Lyon
2002 Professor LL Cavalli-Sforza
2001 Professor LH Hartwell
2000 Dr JD Watson
1999 Professor E Wieschaus
1998 Professor Sir DA Hopwood
1998 Professor C Weissman
1997 Dr Elliott Meyerowitz
1994 Professor S Benzer
1992 Professor C Nüsslein-Volhard
1991 Dr I Herskowitz
1989 Professor P Slonimski
1987 Professor Sir AJ Jeffreys
1985 Professor J Maynard Smith
1984 Professor A Robertson
1981 Sir W.F. Bodmer
1979 Professor G Pontecorvo
1977 Professor C Auerbach
1974 Professor D Lewis
1972 Professor CD Darlington
1970 Dr S Brenner
1968 Professor M Delbrück
1966 Professor FHC Crick
1965 Professor W Hayes
1962 Professor F Jacob
1960 Professor CH Waddington
1958 Professor GW Beadle

Balfour Lecture

The Balfour Lecture, named after the Genetics Society’s first President, is an award to mark the contributions to genetics of an outstanding young investigator.[3] The Balfour Lecturer is elected by the Society’s Committee on the basis of nominations made by any individual member of the Society. The only conditions are that the recipient of the award must normally have less than 10 years’ postdoctoral research experience at the time of nomination, and that any nomination must be made with the consent of the nominee. Those making nominations must be members of the Genetics Society, but there is no requirement for the nominee to be a member, nor is there any restriction on nationality or residence.

Year Recipient
2017 Dr Andrew Wood
2016 Dr Felicity Jones
2014 Dr Elizabeth Murchison
2013 Dr Simon Myers
2012 Dr Örjan Carlborg
2011 Dr M Madan Babu
2010 Dr Andrew P Jackson
2009 Dr M Hurles
2008 Dr D Presgraves
2007 Dr M Tsiantis
2006 Dr O Voinnet
2005 Dr M de Bono
2004 Dr G A T McVean
2003 Dr F Uhlmann
2002 Dr A Eyre-Walker
2001 Dr SJ Leevers
2000 Dr D Bradley
1999 Dr D Monckton
1998 Dr C Stirling
1997 Dr WA Bickmore
1996 Dr RC Allshire
1995 Dr RD St Johnston
1994 Dr JA Todd
1993 Dr NH Barton
1992 Dr WRA Brown
1991 Dr PW Ingham
1990 Dr P Eggleston
1989 Dr IJ Jackson
1988 Dr ES Coen

Genetics Society Medal

The Genetics Society Medal [4] is an award that recognizes outstanding research contributions to genetics. The Medal recipient, who should still be active in research at the time the Medal is awarded, will be elected annually by the Genetics Society Committee on the basis of nominations made by any individual member of the Society. Those making nominations must be members of the Genetics Society, but there is no requirement for the nominee to be a member, nor any restriction on nationality or residence. Neither current members of the Committee nor those who have retired from office in the past four years may be nominated for the award. The recipient is invited to deliver a lecture at a Genetics Society meeting, where the medal will be awarded, in the year following their election.

Year Recipient
2017 Dr Marisa Bartolomei
2016 Prof Ottoline Leyser
2015 Prof Alan Ashworth
2014 Prof Jonathan Flint
2013 Prof Robin Allshire
2012 Dr Stephen West
2011 Prof Jonathan Hodgkin
2010 Laurence Hurst
2009 Prof Steven Brown, FMedSci
2008 Prof Nick Hastie
2007 Caroline Dean
2006 Michael Ashburner
2005 Phil Ingham

JBS Haldane Lecture

The JBS Haldane Lecture,[5] named in honour of the pioneering geneticist and evolutionary biologist J. B. S. Haldane, recognises an individual for outstanding ability to communicate topical subjects in genetics research, widely interpreted, to an interested lay audience. Awards are made annually and are presented at an open lecture given by the awardee.

Year Recipient
2017 Professor Enrico Coen
2016 Professor Aoife McLysaght
2015 Dr Alison Woollard
2014 Professor Armand Leroi
2013 Dr Mark Henderson

Mary Lyon Medal

This new award,[6] named after the distinguished geneticist Mary Lyon FRS, was established in 2015 to reward outstanding research in genetics to scientists who are in the middle of their research career.

Year Recipient
2017 Dr Petra Hajkova
2016 Dr Duncan Odum
2015 Prof Loeske Kruuk

Sir Kenneth Mather Memorial Prize

The Sir Kenneth Mather Memorial Prize[7] is awarded jointly by The Genetics Society and The University of Birmingham and rewards a student of any UK University or Research Institution who has shown outstanding performance in the area of quantitative or population genetics.

Academic Year Recipient Institute Joint recipient Institute
2014/15 Robert Power Wellcome Trust Africa Centre for Population Health
2013/14 Tom Booker University of Edinburgh Simon Martin University of Cambridge
2012/13 Laura Corbin Roslin Institute Xiachi Xin University of Edinburgh
2011/12 Holly Trochet University of Edinburgh
2010/11 Ben Longdon University of Edinburgh Gibran Hemani Roslin Institute
2009/10 Kay Boulton University of Edinburgh
2008/09 Kreepa Kooblall University of Birmingham
2007/08 Mark Adams University of Edinburgh

Past presidents of The Genetics Society[8]

Years President
2015–present Professor W Bickmore
2012–2015 Professor E Coen, FRS
2009-2012 Professor V van Heyningen, FRS
2006-2009 Professor B Charlesworth, FRS
2003-2006 Professor J A Hodgkin, FRS
2000-2003 Professor L Partridge, FRS
1997-2000 Professor M Ashburner, FRS
1994-1997 Professor DJ Sherratt, FRS
1990-1994 Professor PM Nurse, PRS
1987-1990 Professor NE Murray, FRS
1984-1987 Professor Sir DA Hopwood, FRS
1981-1984 Professor J Jinks, FRS
1978-1981 Professor JRS Fincham, FRS
1975-1978 Professor JM Thoday, FRS
1973-1975 Professor R Riley, FRS
1971-1973 Professor W Hayes, FRS
1968-1971 Professor D Lewis, FRS
1966-1968 Professor Charlotte Auerbach, FRS
1964-1966 Professor G Pontecorvo, FRS
1961-1964 Professor DG Catcheside, FRS
1958-1961 Professor CH Waddington, FRS
1955-1958 Professor LS Penrose, FRS
1952-1955 Professor SC Harland, FRS
1949-1952 Professor Sir Kenneth Mather, FRS
1946-1949 Professor EB Ford, FRS
1943-1946 Professor CD Darlington, FRS
1940-1943 Professor Sir Ronald Fisher, FRS
1938-1940 Professor FAE Crew, FRS
1936-1938 Miss ER Saunders
1932-1936 Professor JBS Haldane, FRS
1930-1932 Professor RC Punnett, FRS
1919-1930 The Right Hon. The Earl of Balfour, FRS


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