Egyptian Naval Academy

Egyptian Naval Academy
Type military college
Established October 1946
Location Abu Qir

The Egyptian Naval Academy (Arabic: الكلية البحرية), is the country's scientific military college, set up to supply the army with professional Officers. It was established in October 1946. Graduates of the Egyptian Naval Academy are commissioned as officers in the Egyptian Navy.

Historical background

The Academy was established at Ras El-Teen in October 1946, when the first group of 50 cadets was admitted. This group joined the military academy for six months to receive primary military training, then completed their studies for two years in the Naval Academy.

The college later moved to a new site at Abu Qir. A study at the college grew to four years in length. Studies included specializations in navigation, rockets, artillery, underwater weaponry, signals and coastguard work. Ten cohorts graduated according to this system.

From 1959 to 1972, when the Arab Academy was established, the college started to qualify cadets from African and Arab countries to serve as naval officers and engineers in the naval commercial fleet.

In 1988, a program of co-operation with the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis started to develop methodology and provide educational labs and model educational aids. Means of entertainment were also improved in a bid to keep up with the best naval colleges from all over the world.

After half a century, in the mid-1990s graduates from different countries began to assume command in different navies, which has helped to maintain good and strong relations between Egypt and other countries.

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