The Basil Brush Show

For The Basil Brush Show 1968–1980, see Basil Brush.
The Basil Brush Show
Genre Children's sitcom
Written by Ged Allen
Danny Robins
Directed by David McKay
Starring Michael Byers
Christopher Pizzey
Michael Hayes
Georgina Leonidas
Laura Evans
Ajay Chabra
Janine Vieira
Voices of Don Austen
Basil Soper
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 79 (list of episodes)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) The Foundation (RDF Media)
Original network CBBC (2002-2011)
Picture format 16:9
Original release 4 October 2002 – 21 December 2007
Preceded by The Basil Brush Show
Followed by Basil's Swap Shop
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The Basil Brush Show is a British children's television sitcom series, starring the glove puppet fox Basil Brush. It was produced for six series by The Foundation, airing on CBBC from 4 October 2002 to 21 December 2007. The show is a spin-off from the original 1960s–1970s BBC television series, but without any of the original cast.[1]


The series is set in a colourful modern penthouse flat, which is jointly owned by Basil and his sidekick, Stephen (Christopher Pizzey). Living with them are Stephen's nephew and niece, Molly (Georgina Leonidas), and Dave (Michael Hayes). They are left under the care of Stephen so that Molly & Dave's parents can go on a round the world trip.

Other characters include Anil (Ajay Chabra), the owner of a greasy-spoon cafe under the name of 'Anil's', where the main characters would frequently be seen dining in. Ella (Tisha Martin), is Basil & Stephen's neighbour who loves to sing. She is later replaced by Maddison (Laura Evans), an American fashion designer. Basil Soper also appeared in several episodes, playing a different character every time.

As the show was re-vamped in later years, two other characters were introduced. Liam (Michael Byers) replaces Stephen as Basil's new sidekick, with Lucy (Janine Vieira) debuting as Anil's niece.

The following is a list of the characters featured in The Basil Brush Show which began airing in 2002 on CBBC.

Key characters

Basil Brush

Main article: Basil Brush

Basil Brush is a red fox, rendered as both a glove puppet and an animated character.


Liam is a distant cousin of Stephen's and is Basil's new sidekick. He took the place of Stephen in the fifth series of the show and was part of the show from 2006–07. Liam is just trying to get a hand of these exciting things which are yet to happen to him but all of it is a mystery. While Liam is still dumb in some aspects, he is quite a smart person; several episodes revolve around some of his near-impossible inventions like a time machine and a shrink ray; he is also good at chemistry. A recurring joke is he will make mention to some odd or absurd night class he has been to, with the line "I knew those (whatever is relevant to the story) night classes would come in handy." In the episode "Ballroom Basil", it is stated that his surname is O'Dingleberry. He is played by Michael Byers.


Stephen is the uncle to Dave and Molly, and is left in charge of them when their parents go on a round-the-world tour. He was on the show from 2002–06. It is stated in 2003 that his relationship with the children is that he is their uncle. He is often the main subject of Basil's or another character's jokes, much to his annoyance. He was also not very clever as he did not seem to know a very simple sum (as established in the episode "Bing Trouble", when Molly told him that 2 + 2 = 4 to which he said "Does it?"). He was played by Christopher Pizzey and left at the end of series 4. He appeared briefly in series 5 when Basil mentioned that he has been snapped up by Hollywood. But this later reveals he is working at a Hollywood burger van. His cousin Liam arrives shortly after to take his place. He is usually referred to by Basil as "Mr. Steven".


Dave martin is one of the original characters that features in the is 14 yeats old comeback. He is regularly shown to have a flair for business, and has, throughout the course of the series, set up a media empire which was later destroyed by Basil and Liam, imported stolen goods and even started his own TV show; he is usually addressed as a 14-year-old multi-billionaire entrepreneur. He is acted by Michael Hayes.


Molly ailson eilazbeth Waves daves older sister and Stephen's niece. She is 16 years old portrayed as the sensible character, trying to reason with the characters whenever they make a bad decision and can sometimes be very violent. Molly is one of the most popular characters on the show. She is very clever and very witty. From Series 5, Molly appears in only a few episodes as a recurring character, with Lucy partially replacing her character-type. Molly only appears in two episodes in the final season, in Ballroom Basil where she says she is going to get some milk and she may be gone for some time, and in Basil Christmas Dinners where she returns and explains there was a worldwide milk shortage and she had to go all the way to Timbuktu which is why she was so long. She is portrayed by Georgina Leonidas.


An American who was introduced as 'Madison Square-Gardens', a fashion student living in the flat upstairs. She was on the show from 2004–07. The character of Madison is played by Laura Evans, a singer/songwriter from Aberdare in South Wales. Her initial designs were thrown out by Basil, having mistaken them for rubbish. Madison is Stephen's third love interest in the Basil Brush Show. She pronounces Basil's name in the southern US way, as Bay-zull. When things start going wrong, she often protests that the only reason she is still in the UK is because she has lost her passport. Her name comes from Madison Square Garden.


Appearing in every season of the comeback so far, Anil is the owner of Basil's local hangout, Anil's Caff. Like Mr Stephen, he is shown to have a less than average intelligence, and a running joke through the series is the terrible quality of his food. It is revealed that he is sexist in 'Bend it like Basil'. He is played by Ajay Chabra.


Lucy is Anil's niece and currently lives in Basil's flat. Lucy was Anil's "slave" but was "rescued" by Madison. She can be quite stubborn at times but loves hanging out in the flat with Basil and the rest of the gang. She hates cousin Mortimers pranks and Dave's cons! Lucy replaces Molly after she left the show after series 4, and aired on the show from 2006–07. The character of Lucy is played by Janine Vieira


Ella is Stephen's second love interest and she only appears in the second series (2003–04). She is also good friends with Molly. It is revealed that she is a soccer prodigy in 'Bend it like Basil'. She is played by Tisha Martin.

Semi-regular and recurring characters

The Voice Over Man

The Voice Over Man is an unseen character who often voices over at times when he annoys the gang but occasionally he undoes some mistakes that Basil and his friends make. He was part of the show from 2002–05 and has not been "seen" since Series 4. He is credited as Basil Soper.

Mortimer Brush

Mortimer is Basil's cousin and recurring antagonist. His first appearance was in the episode called 'Cousin Mortimer' and then he last appeared in the movie called 'Mortimer's Revenge'.

In the first series finale, he arrived and pretended to be kind and helpful to the local people but secretly he was stealing things and getting Basil into trouble. In the second series, he was released from prison and he was still causing havoc. His catchphrase is "Bang! Bang!", followed by the sound of two projectile ricochets.

In the third series he and Basil had to get along for 24 hours without fighting and arguing but they over-wound the wind-up clock and they fought one minute too early . He also appeared at Basil's wedding when he was marrying evil Kelly Foxwell but in the end, Kelly liked Mortimer more than Basil. He returned in the Christmas special. He appeared in the fourth series in prison. He is voiced by Don Austen.

He appeared in the 2005 and 2006 Christmas specials.

In the first series finale, his full name is revealed to be Mortimer Trouble Brush.

Bingo Brush

Basil's playful and hyperactive nephew fox cub. Often says "Bing bing!". Bingo has a twin brother called Bungo whom Basil says is "much, much worse". Bungo only appeared on the show a few times in 2003. Bingo is voiced by Don Austen.


Roxy is Basil's girlfriend, but unlike the other foxes in the show she is an Arctic fox. She has so far only been seen in four episodes (2006–07), including the 2006 Christmas Special. She pronounces Basil's name as Ba-Zeal.


India is a waitress who works at Anil's Cafe (Basil's local hangout). She is terrible cook like her boss but has a beautiful singing voice, as shown to perform songs occasionally through out the series. India was only mentioned for a brief portion of the final season (2006–07). She is played by India de Beaufort.


Series Episodes Originally aired Season Premiere Season Finale
1 13 2002 4 October 2002 27 December 2002
2 13 2003–2004 21 November 2003 13 February 2004
3 13 2004 3 September 2004 23 December 2004
4 13 2005 2 September 2005 21 December 2005
5 13 2006 15 September 2006 7 December 2006
6 13 2007 7 September 2007 21 December 2007



Basil's Swap Shop/Basil's Game Show

Basil's Swap Shop is a remake of the cult-classic children's Saturday morning show, Multicoloured Swap Shop. The show was presented by Basil Brush and Barney Harwood and was produced for three series by the Foundation (the same production company that produced the Basil Brush Show) and aired live from 5 January 2008 to 25 September 2010 on BBC Two and the CBBC Channel. Basil's Game Show was the cut-down version of the show that featured just the games, as well as some of the comedy segments.

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