The Avenger (1960 film)

The Avenger

German film poster for The Avenger
Directed by Karl Anton
Produced by Kurt Ulrich
Heinz Willeg
Written by Edgar Wallace
Gustav Kampendonk
Rudolf Katscher
Starring Heinz Drache
Klaus Kinski
Music by Peter Sandloff
Cinematography Willi Sohm
Edited by Walter von Bonhorst
Distributed by Europa-Filmverleih AG
Release dates
  • 5 August 1960 (1960-08-05)
Running time
99 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

The Avenger (German: Der Rächer) is a 1960 West German crime film directed by Karl Anton and starring Heinz Drache.


A number of packaged disembodied heads have been in random areas of the English countryside. In each package is a letter to the police from the killer, who dubs himself "The Executioner." Each victim is seemingly unrelated to one another. When a Scotland Yard employee is killed, Detective Mike Brixan (Heinz Drache) of Special Branch is called in to investigate. The only clue is that a black, four-door sedan has been seen at the scene of the crime, and that the typewriter that the letters have been written on have two offset letters.

When Ruth Sanders (Ina Duscha), the niece of the man killed and the last person to see him alive, is located as an extra working on location, Brixan discovers a page of a script that has been written on the same typewriter as the Executioner's letters. Consequently, Brixan believes that the Executioner is among the cast, crew, or parties involved in the film shoot.


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