The Art of Fugue discography

A list of commercial recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach's The Art of Fugue.

Artist Date Place Recording Instrument and Remarks
Gustav Leonhardt 1953 Harpsichord
Joseph & Grete Dichler 1954 two pianos
Gustav Leonhardt 1969 Harpsichord
Davitt Moroney 1985 harpsichord
Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot 1994 two harpsichords
Glenn Gould 1962 piano and organ (incomplete)
Menno Van Delft 1999 harpsichord
Sébastian Guillot 2006 harpsichord
Bradley Brookshire 2007 harpsichord includes an additional CD-ROM with score to follow along as MP3s play
Gösta Funck 2007 harpsichord by Matthias Kramer, 1990, after Christian Zell,1728
Sergio Vartolo 2008 harpsichord
Gavin Black & George Hazelrigg 2009 on two harpsichords: voices shared equally throughout.
Helmut Walcha 1956 organ
Helmut Walcha 1970 organ
Ensemble Wolfgang von Karajan 1963 on three chamber organs
Lionel Rogg 1970 organ
André Isoir 1999 organ. Some movements performed as a duet with Pierre Farago, on the Grenzing organ of Saint-Cyprien in Périgord, France
Wolfgang Rübsam 1992 organ
Marie-Claire Alain 1993 organ
Louis Thiry 1993 on the Silbermann organ of Saint Thomas Church (Strasbourg).
Hans Fagius 2000 on the Carsten Lund organ of the Garnisons Church, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kevin Bowyer 2001 on the Marcussen organ of Saint Hans Church, Odense, Denmark
Richard Buhlig and Wesley Kuhnle 1934 piano
Charles Rosen 1967 piano
Grigory Sokolov 1982 piano
Zoltán Kocsis 1984 piano
Yuji Takahashi 1988 piano
Evgeni Koroliov 1990 piano
Tatiana Nikolayeva 1992 piano
Andrei Vieru 1994 piano
Walter Riemer 2006 piano using a fortepiano of Mozart type
Pierre-Laurent Aimard 2008 piano
Angela Hewitt 2014 piano
Roth Quartet 1934–1935 String quartet includes conjectural end played by Donald Tovey on keyboard.
Quartetto Italiano 1985 String quartet
Juilliard String Quartet 1989 String quartet
Keller Quartet 1997 String quartet
Delmé Quartet 2000 String quartet arranged by composer Robert Simpson, including versions of Contrapuntus XIV unfinished and completed following Tovey's version.
Emerson Quartet 2003 String quartet
Hermann Scherchen with Orchestre de la RTSI 1965 Orchestra
Karl Ristenpart with Chamber Orchestra of the Saar 1965 Adapted for orchestra by Marcel Bitsch and Claude Pascal[1]
Neville Marriner with Academy of St. Martin in the Fields 1974 Orchestra
Jordi Savall with Hesperion XX 1986 Orchestra
Erich Bergel with Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra 1991 Orchestra
Karl Münchinger and Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra 1965 Orchestra
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra 2002 Orchestra
Rinaldo Alessandrini and Concerto Italiano 1998 Orchestra
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin 2011 Orchestra
Milan Munclinger with Ars Rediviva 1959
Milan Munclinger with Ars Rediviva 1966
Milan Munclinger with Ars Rediviva 1979
Fine Arts String Quartet and New York Woodwind Quintet 1962
Yuji Takahashi (incomplete) electronic version 1975
Yuji Takahashi piano, early version of the art of fugue
Musica Antiqua Köln (director Reinhard Goebel) for string quartet/harpsichord and various such instrumental combinations 1984
Berliner Saxophon Quartett for saxophone 1990
József Eötvös for two eight-string guitars 2002
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet for recorder quartet 1998
Phantasm (director: Laurence Dreyfus) for viola da gamba four-part consort 1998
Fretwork for Consort of Viols 2002
Aurelia Saxophone Quartet for saxophone quartet 2005
The Canadian Brass for brass quintet
The Version of Jacques Chailley instrumentation of Pascal Vigneron for wind quartet, brass quartet and organ 2005
An electronic version, Laibachkunstderfuge, by Neue Slowenische Kunst industrial band Laibach 2008
An electronic version by Jeffrey C Hall 2007?

Without recording date - To be inserted in the list


  1. Nonesuch HB-73013

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