National Artist (Thailand)

National Artist
Awarded for Exceptional contribution to the arts of Thailand
Country Thailand
Presented by Office of the National Culture Commission
First awarded 1985
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The National Artist (Thai: ศิลปินแห่งชาติ, rtgs: Sinlapin Haeng Chat, IPA: [sǐn láʔ pin hɛ̀ːŋ tɕʰâːt]) is a title given annually by the Office of the National Culture Commission of Thailand, recognizing notable Thai artists in the area of intangible cultural heritage such as literature, fine arts, visual arts, applied arts (architecture, design) and performing arts (Thai dance, international dance, puppetry, shadow play, Thai music, international music, drama and film).[1]

Since 1985, the honors have been presented on February 24, "National Artist Day" in Thailand.[2] The date was chosen because it is the birth date of Buddha Loetla Nabhalai, or King Rama II, who was an artist himself. In 1986, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, an accomplished musician, photographer and painter, was named "Supreme Artist."

National Artists receive a monthly salary of 12,000 baht as well as health benefits, 15,000 baht towards funeral expenses and 120,000 baht for a memorial biography.[3][4]

The pieces of work perceived of being on the highest level are exhibited in the Supreme Artist Hall.[5]

List of Thailand National Artists


Year Name Discipline Notes
1985 Kukrit PramojLiterature
1985 Montri TramotePerforming art (Thai music)
1985 Paew SnitwongseniPerforming art (Thai dance)
1985 Fua HaripitakFine art, Visual art
1986 Kanha KiengsiriLiterature
1986 Ob ChiyavasuLiterature
1986 Kan ThonglawPerforming art (Thai dance)
1986 Chalerm BuatangPerforming art (Thai music)
1986 Chusri SakunkaewPerforming art (Thai dance)
1986 Tuam PrasidhikulPerforming art (Thai music)
1986 Tongmak ChanduluePerforming art (Thai dance)
1986 Thonglaw TamleytongPerforming art (Thai music)
1986 Plueng ChairasamiPerforming art (Thai dance)
1986 Puangroi AbhaiwongsaPerforming art (International music)
1986 Paitoon KittiwanPerforming art (Thai music)
1986 Rongpakdee JarujaranaPerforming art (Thai dance)
1986 Kumma Saeng-ngarmFine art, Visual art
1986 Paitoon MuangsomboonFine art, Visual art
1986 Prasong PatamanujFine art, Visual art
1986 Saengda BannasitFine art, Visual art
1986 Heng SopapongFine art, Visual art
1986 Sompop PiromApplied art
1987 Pin MalakulLiterature
1987 Jaroenjai SuntornwatinPerforming art (Thai music)
1987 Chaloey SukavanisPerforming art (Thai dance)
1987 Chin SilapabanlengPerforming art (Thai music)
1987 Chailanka KruasenPerforming art (Thai music)
1987 Yok ChoobuaPerforming art (Thai dance)
1987 Vichit KounavudhiPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1987 Chit RianprachaVisual art
1987 Payom SinawatFine art, Visual art
1987 Mod WongsawadFine art, Visual art
1987 Mitrarun KasemsriVisual art, Applied art
1988 Sukanya CholasuksLiterature
1988 Kree WorasarinPerforming art (Thai dance)
1988 Jamriang BudpradubPerforming art (Thai dance)
1988 Seri WangnaidharmPerforming art (Thai dance)
1988 Prasidhi ThavornPerforming art (Thai music)
1988 Boonyong KatekongPerforming art (Thai music)
1988 Samarn KarnjanaphalinPerforming art (International music)
1988 Sa-nga ArampirPerforming art (International music)
1988 Wangdee NimaPerforming art (Thai dance)
1988 Chalerm NakeerakFine art, Visual art
1988 Poon KesjamrasFine art, Visual art
1988 Piman MoonpramookFine art, Visual art
1989 Angkarn KalayanapongLiterature
1989 Yat ChangthongPerforming art (Thai dance)
1989 Pravet KumutPerforming art (Thai music)
1989 Prasit PhayomyongPerforming art (International music)
1989 Sherry SavettananPerforming art (International music)
1989 Chin OramutPerforming art (Thai dance)
1989 Sanit DitthapanFine art, Visual art
1989 Praves LimparangsiVisual art, Applied art


Year Name Discipline Notes
1990 Sakchai BumrungpongLiterature
1990 Buaphan ChansriPerforming art (Thai dance)
1990 Somchai AsanachindaPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1990 Suthep WongkamhaengPerforming art (International music)
1990 Suwannee ChalanukhroPerforming art (Thai dance)
1990 Tavee NanthakwangFine art, Visual art
1991 Suwat WoradilokLiterature
1991 Ajin PanapanLiterature
1991 Sawasdi TantisukFine art, Visual art
1991 Ken DalauPerforming art (Thai dance)
1991 Boonyang KatekongPerforming art (Thai dance)
1991 Payong MukdaPerforming art (International music)
1991 Pensri PoomchoosriPerforming art (International music)
1992 Khamsing SrinawkLiterature
1992 Songchart ChuensiriPerforming art (Thai dance)
1992 Tuen PatayakulPerforming art (Thai music)
1992 Manratana SrigranontPerforming art (International music)
1992 Pongsri WoranuchPerforming art (International music)
1992 Juliam GingthongPerforming art (Thai dance)
1992 Kam GawaiPerforming art (Thai dance)
1992 Prayoon UluchataFine art, Visual art
1993 Prakhin Xumsai Na AyudhyaLiterature
1993 Naowarat PongpaiboonLiterature
1993 Jamnian SrithaipanPerforming art (Thai music)
1993 Chalee IntharawijitPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1993 Sudchit AnantakulPerforming art (Thai music)
1993 Khader VerdengPerforming art (Thai dance)
1993 Chaweewan PhanthuPerforming art (Thai music)
1993 Pinit SuwanaboonFine art, Visual art
1993 Usni PramojPerforming art (International music)
1993 Prayoon YomyiemPerforming art (Thai dance)
1993 Pinyo SuwankiriVisual art, Applied art
1994 Usni PramojPerforming art (International music)
1994 Prayoon YomyiemPerforming art (Thai dance)
1994 Pinyo SuwankiriVisual art, Applied art
1995 Rong Wongsa-vunLiterature
1995 Thaweep VoradilokeLiterature
1995 Khamphai NupingPerforming art (Thai dance)
1995 Jang KlayseethongPerforming art (Thai music)
1995 Pruang ChuenprayothPerforming art (International music)
1995 Somsian PhantongPerforming art (Thai music)
1995 Soi DamjamPerforming art (Thai music)
1995 Sawong SupsamruayPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1995 Amnuey NeramitPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1995 Chitt ChongmankhongFine art, Visual art
1996 Srifa MahawanLiterature
1996 Anusorn MongkolkarnPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1996 Somkuan KrachangsartPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1996 Ruangthong ThongluntomPerforming art (International music)
1996 Kliew SetkitPerforming art (Thai dance)
1996 Boonlert NartpinitPerforming art (Thai dance)
1996 Sakorn Yaungkhieosod Performing art (Thai dance)
1996 Chansom SaitharaPerforming art (Thai music)
1996 Yai WisetpolklangPerforming art (Thai music)
1996 Chumraung VichienketFine art, Visual art
1997 Chatchai VisessuwanpoomLiterature
1997 Sompong PongmitrPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1997 Malaiwal BoonyaratawejPerforming art (International music)
1997 Pinit ChaisuwanPerforming art (Thai music)
1997 Surapol TonawanikPerforming art (International music)
1997 Thongbai RuangnontPerforming art (Thai dance)
1997 Waipote SakulneePerforming art (International music)
1997 Boonpeng PhaiphiewchaiPerforming art (Thai dance)
1997 Im ChitphakdeePerforming art (Thai dance)
1997 Kamol TasananchaleeFine art, Visual art
1998 Vasit DejkunjornLiterature
1998 Churee OsiriPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1998 Bencharong ThanakosetPerforming art (Thai music)
1998 Prasidh SilpabanlengPerforming art (International music)
1998 Siriwat DitsayanandPerforming art (Thai dance)
1998 Chaichana BoonnachotPerforming art (International music)
1998 Charin NandanagaraPerforming art (International music)
1998 Piyaphan SnitwongsePerforming art (International music)
1998 Khraukaew Na Chiang MaiPerforming art (Thai dance)
1998 Chalood NimsamerFine art, Visual art
1998 Prayat PongdamFine art, Visual art
1998 Arvuth NgernchuglinVisual art
1998 Sumeth Jumsai Na AyudhayaApplied art
1999 Supha SirisinghaLiterature
1999 Thae Prakas-vudhisarnPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1999 Marasi Isranggura Na AyutthayaPerforming art (Movie and drama)
1999 Cheu DontrirosPerforming art (Thai music)
1999 Somphan ChotanaPerforming art (Thai dance)
1999 Samphan Phan-maneePerforming art (Thai dance)
1999 Somnuke ThongmaPerforming art (International music)
1999 Chin FaithesPerforming art (International music)
1999 Manit Phu-AreeFine art, Visual art
1999 Damrong Wongse-UpparajFine art, Visual art
1999 Inson WongsamFine art, Visual art


Year Name Discipline Notes
2000 Ussiri DhammachoteLiterature
2000 Mongkol SeangsawangPerforming art (Thai music)
2000 Chakrabhand PosayakritFine art, Visual art
2000 Ruetai JaijongrakApplied art
2001 Kumpoon BoontaweeLiterature
2001 Chatrichalerm YukolPerforming art (Movie and drama)
2001 Thawan DuchaneeFine art, Visual art
2001 Pradith YuvapukkaVisual art, Applied art
2002 Sujitt WongthesLiterature
2002 Chiras ArdnarongPerforming art (Thai music)
2002 Prakit BuabusayaFine art, Visual art
2002 Nithi SathapitanonApplied art
2003 Karuna KusiralaiLiterature
2003 Prom BunritPerforming art (Thai dance)
2003 Pichai NiranFine art, Visual art
2003 Wanida PuangsunthornVisual art, Applied art[6]
2004 Vinita DiteeyontLiterature
2004 Chart KobjittiLiterature
2004 Rakop PothiwesPerforming art (Thai dance)
2004 Jintana Palkawong Na AyudhyaPerforming art (International music)
2004 Pairat SungwaributrPerforming art (Movie and drama)
2004 Piboon MusikpodokFine art, Visual art
2004 Sant SarakornborirakFine art, Visual art
2004 Jullatat KitibudVisual art, Applied art
2005 Prayom SongthongLiterature
2005 Sathaporn SrisatjangLiterature
2005 Pratuang EmjaroenFine art
2005 Tawee RujaneekornFine art
2005 Chalard SongsermPerforming art
2005 Wichien KamcharoenPerforming art
2005 Suphachai JansuwanPerforming art
2005 Manop YaranaPerforming art
2005 Samran KerdponPerforming art[3]
2006 Manee PayomyongLiterature
2006 Rawee PawilaiLiterature
2006 Kiettisak ChanonnartVisual art
2006 Nonthiwan ChantanaphalinVisual art
2006 Decha BoonkhamApplied art
2006 Somthavil UrassayananApplied art
2006 Kiettipong KanchanapheePerforming art (international music)
2006 Kalong PeunghongkhamPerforming art (Thai music)
2006 Suchart SubsinPerforming art (Thai dance)[4]
2007 Decha WarachunVisual art
2007 Yanyong OlarachinVisual art
2007 Kritsada Arunwong na AyutthayaVisual art
2007 Charn BuabangsornPerforming art (Thai music)
2007 Nakarin ChathongPerforming art
2007 Kovit AnakechaiLiterature
2008 Adul JantrasakLiterature
2008 Ithipol ThangchalokFine arts
2008 Thanadsri Sawadiwat Performing arts
2008 Sorapong Chatree Performing arts
2008 Prasit Pinkaew Performing arts
2008 Viraphan Voklang Performing arts
2008 Siri Witchawet Performing arts[7]
2009 Preecha ThaothongVisual arts (painting)
2009 Ong-art SatraphanVisual arts (contemporary architecture)
2009 Penphan Sithitrai Visual arts (carving)
2009 Woranan Chatchawaltipakorn Visual arts (photography)
2009 Seksan Prasertkul Literature
2009 Jatuporn Rattanawaraha Performing arts (dramatic arts - khon)
2009 Uthai Kaewla-iad Performing arts (Thai music)
2009 Manthana Morakul Performing arts (Thai music - singing)
2009 Prayong Chuenyen Performing arts (Thai music - composition)[7]


Year Name Discipline Notes
2010 Thongchai Rakpathum Visual arts (painting)
2010 Phao Suwansaksri Visual arts (Thai architecture)
2010 Pranom Tapang Visual arts (traditional weaving)
2010 Sombat Plainoi Literature (short story)
2010 Surachai Chantimatorn Literature (short story, non-fiction, poetry)
2010 Kuan Tuanyok Performing arts (Thai music)
2010 Choochart Pitaksakorn Performing arts (international music)
2010 Pissamai Vilaisak Performing arts (movie and drama)
2010 Suprawat Pattamasoot Performing arts (movie and drama director and performer)[8]
2011 Chaloemchai Khositphiphat Visual arts (painting)
2011 Mathar Bunnag Applied arts (architecture)
2011 Tongreung Eamaot Visual arts (sculpture)
2011 Ratna Phuangprayong Performing arts (Thai dance)
2011 Nakhon Thanomsap Performing arts (international and Thai music)
2011 Setha Sirichaya Performing arts (international and Thai music)
2011 Sodsai Pantoomkomol Performing arts (drama)
2011 Prabhassorn Sevikul Literature
2011 Suchart Sawasdsri Literature
2012 Thatsani Khun Thong Performing arts (Thai music and dance)
2012 Khlaonoi Rotchanamethakun Performing arts (Film and drama)
2012 Phan Tho Wichit Performing arts (international music)
2012 Sano Luangsunthon Performing arts (Thai music)
2012 Manat Pitisan Performing arts (international music)
2012 Somsuan Phromsawang Performing arts (Thai music)
2012 Dokdin Kanyamarn Performing arts (film)
2012 Buason Thanombun Performing arts (Thai music and dance)
2012 Makut Araruedi Literature
2012 Wimon Siriphaibun Literature
2012 Nongchanai Parinyathawat Literature
2012 Aree Suttiphan Visual arts (painting)
2012 Wichok Mukdamni Visual arts (mixed media)
2012 Satsatrachan Khemrat Visual arts (sculpture)
2013 Chaloem Muangphraesi Performing arts (Thai music)
2013 Chalong Phakdiwichit Performing arts (film)
2013 Yuenyong Opakul Performing arts (international and Thai music)
2013 Nitya Rakkaen Performing arts (Thai music)
2013 Charoen Malarot Literature
2013 Win Lyovarin Literature
2013 Ramphaiphan Suwannasan Literature
2013 Thiraphon Niyom Applied arts (architecture)
2013 Chuang Munphinit Visual arts (painting)
2014 Patravadi Mejudhon Performing arts (drama)
2014 Sa-ard Piempongsarn Performing arts (film)
2014 Pongsak Chantarukha Performing arts (Thai music)
2014 Sirichaichan Fakjamroon Performing arts (Thai music)
2014 Dusadee Banomyong Boontasanakul Performing arts (international music)
2014 Narong Janpoom Performing arts (puppetry)
2014 Panya Vijinthanasarn Visual arts (sculpture)
2014 Chavalit Sermprungsum Visual arts (painting)
2014 Chamaiporn Bangkombang Literature
2014 Nit Hincheeranant Applied arts (architecture)
2014 Charoon Angsavanont Applied arts (interior design)
2014 Boonchuey Hiranwit Applied arts (silversmithing)

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