Thổ people

Total population
(74,458 (2009)[1])
Regions with significant populations
Vietnam: Nghệ An Province
Tho, Vietic languages, Vietnamese
Buddhism, Animism

The Thổ ethnic group (also Keo, Mon, Cuoi, Ho, Tay Poong) inhabits the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam, mainly Nghệ An Province southwest of Hanoi. Many Thổ speak the Tho language, which is closely related to Vietnamese. The Thổ population numbered 68,394 in 1999.[2]

The Tày ethnic group is also sometimes referred to as the Thổ.


Thổ consists of various different ethnolinguistic groups. Quán Vi Miên (2013:12) lists the following branches.


Thổ is a heterogeneous group; thus, local groups have distinct languages. However, all of Thổ languages belong to Vietic branch . Nguyễn Hữu Hoành (2009) classify Thổ languages into 5 groups base on their position in Vietic branch. [3]

The position of Thổ languages in Vietic branch


As of 2009, 80% (59,579 persons) of all ethnic Thổ live in Nghệ An Province, while 13% (9,652 persons) are found in Thanh Hóa Province Quán Vi Miên (2013:11).

Quán Vi Miên (2013:12-13) lists ethnic Thổ populations and branches (ethnic subdivisions) for the following districts of Nghệ An Province.


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