Terra Obscura

Terra Obscura

Cover to Terra Obscura #1. Art by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story.
Publication information
Publisher America's Best Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Miniseries
Number of issues 12
Main character(s) See Characters
Creative team
Writer(s) Peter Hogan
Alan Moore
Artist(s) Yanick Paquette
Karl Story
Creator(s) Alan Moore

Terra Obscura is a 2003 comic book miniseries spin off from Alan Moore's Tom Strong series. The stories are written by Peter Hogan, and drawn by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story with additional flashback sequences drawn by Eric Theriault. Each story is co-plotted by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan. It was published under Moore's America's Best Comics imprint through Wildstorm Comics, which is owned by DC Comics.

Origin and backstory

Terra Obscura first appeared in Tom Strong #11 (January 2001). Terra Obscura is an alternate version of Tom Strong's Earth located on the far side of the galaxy, discovered by Strong in 1968. On his visit to Terra Obscura, Tom meets his counterpart Tom "Doc" Strange, and the team of science-heroes known as the Society of Major American Science Heroes (SMASH). All the members of SMASH are based on characters previously published by Nedor Comics in the 1940s. With the original publisher's collapse, copyrights on the characters were not renewed upon 28 years of creation and so lapsed into the public domain.[1] One of Nedor's many titles was America's Best Comics, and when the coincidence of this was pointed out to Alan Moore, he decided to incorporate these characters into his Tom Strong series.

For their 2000 debut, Moore created a backstory for them, covering the time periods during which they were not actually being published. For the Terra Obscura spin-off, Moore worked out plots with Peter Hogan, who then wrote the scripts.

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SMASH Members

Main article: SMASH (comics)

The Four Comrades

A science-hero team based in New Lancaster who were forced to try to maintain control after SMASH were left frozen in space and time in 1969. By the time the members of SMASH had been released from their captivity in 2000, they had aged and an original member, Tip, had died and been replaced by his sister, Tipper.

They encounter the revived heroes in the inverted city of 'Invertica'.

Miscellaneous characters

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