Terra Deva

Terra Deva

Terra Deva is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer who used to be on seasons 4-5 of The Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club, and has had continued success as a solo and collaborative artist.

Terra was born in Northern California. After many years living in New York and London she now lives in Los Angeles.

Early career

Her unusual pubescent workaholic ethic landed first real job starring in the TV show The Mickey Mouse Club for two seasons. She sang, acted, danced and interviewed celebrities five days a week. At 16 she freaked out as most child TV actors do and insisted on leaving MMC in search of something a little less Disney. So naturally Terra started going to raves and clubs around 1993. After meeting several British DJs and producers in the scene she started traveling back and forth to the UK to write and do small shows. She also did jazz shows, funk shows, TV and radio commercials and industrial films back in San Francisco.


Terra was immersed in Prince, Al Green, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Björk, Seal, Joyce, Lenny Kravitz and Nick Drake. She was also into the Brand New Heavies and Deee Lite and all of the underground vinyl you would hear on the dance floor. She wanted to create music as life changing as the artists that were changing her.

Successful singles

Terra's most successful singles so far are "At Night" with Shakedown – went to 6 in the UK and top 10 all over Europe, "Sting Me Red (Clever)" with Who Da Funk, 32 UK "How You Thrill Me" with Junior Jack and Erick Morillo - 27 UK and "Less Talk More Action" with Tim Deluxe. These songs have taken her all over the world from Sydney to Serbia.

Pulled Apart

Her first solo album was called Pulled Apart on Om Records (1998). It was inspired by DJ mix tapes and attempted to sound like Portishead recording R&B after meeting Nancy Wilson and all of them clubbing in Nottingham with Björk and Grooverider's love child. The press liked it despite the fact that it was all weepy telling tales of getting dumped and finding the joys of self-help programs.

House classics

The singles that are considered classics to the house heads are "Soothe" and "Want Me Like Water" as Furry Phreaks with Charles Webster (Presence and Love From San Francisco) "Fresh Start" (DJ Iz remix ) and "Inside" from Pulled Apart (Om album) also attracted global attention, were licensed for a few ads, and made joining BMI worthwhile.


Terra Deva has worked with Shakedown, Erick Morillo, Charles Webster (Furry Phreaks, Love From San Francisco, Presence), LCD Soundsystem, Tim Deluxe, Who Da Funk, Satoshi Tomeii, J Majik, Pete Moss, Jimmy Van M (Vantage Point), Junior Jack, Harry Choo Choo Romero, AK 1200, Scott Hardkiss, Dave Biegel (Bugs, Puracane, Skyjuice), Josh Michaels (DJ Iz) and many more.

All Over the World

Her latest single is "All Over The World" with Furry Phreaks out now on Defected Records. The song is a great big thank you to all the people who have supported the music Charles and Terra created for over 10 years. And she appear on the LCD Soundsystem single 45:33(DFA) Rumor has it little D&B gems she did with JMajik are also floating around.

Recent history

Terra continues to collaborate with musicians around the globe. She can be seen and heard on various TV and radio commercials.


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