Teresa Díaz II de Haro

Arms of the House of Haro.

Teresa Díaz de Haro (born before 1254) was a Spanish noble woman and a lady of Biscay, and one of five children of Diego López III de Haro, the Lord of Biscay, and Constanza de Bearne. Her maternal grandparents were the viscount Guillermo II de Bearne and his wife, Garsenda de Provenza. Her paternal grandparents were Lope Díaz II de Haro, also Lord of Biscay, and of Urraca Alfonso de León, the illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso IX of León. Amongst her siblings were Diego Lopez V de Haro and Maria II Diaz de Haro.


Teresa married Juan Núñez I de Lara around 1270 after his first wife, Teresa Álvarez de Azagra died. Juan Núñez was the head of the House of Lara after the death of his father Nuño González de Lara el Bueno in 1275. He also held title of lordship over Lerma, Amaya, Dueñas, Palenzuela, Tordehumos, Torrelobatón and the Castle of La Mota and inherited the title of Lord of Albarracín from his first wife and held all these titles until his death in 1294.

Her date of death is unknown.

Marriage and descendants

Teresa had four children with Juan Núñez I de Lara:

Through her daughter Juana, she is a direct female-line ancestor of Queen Victoria and therefore of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as well. She is also a direct female-line ancestor of the new King of Spain, Filipe VI and King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.



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