Tenterden St. Michael's railway station

Tenterden St. Michael's

Station site looking south towards Tenterden Town. The platform was situated on the left.
Place St. Michaels nr Tenterden
Area Ashford
Grid reference TQ883351
Original company Kent and East Sussex Railway
Post-grouping Kent and East Sussex Railway
Southern Region of British Railways
Platforms 1
23 November 1912[1] Opened
4 January 1954[2] Closed
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Tenterden St. Michael's was a railway station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway which served the Tenterden suburb of St Michaels in Kent, England. The station was situated on the southern side of a level crossing to the south of St. Michael's tunnel, one of the line's main civil engineering features. Closed in 1954, nothing remains of St. Michael's today: a footpath and cycleway runs through the site.


Tenterden St. Michael's was opened in 1912 to serve the local community of St Michaels on the outskirts of Tenterden.[3] It was situated immediately south of the ungated level crossing over Grange Road.[4]

St. Michael's was little more than a halt station consisting of no more than a single platform made of sleepers and, for some time, a small corrugated iron hut which served as a ticket office.[5] So modest were the facilities that the wooden picket gate leading from the road for the use of passengers has been described as "more obvious than the halt itself".[6] By August 1938, the ticket office had closed and passengers were obliged to purchase their tickets on the train; the station had also become run-down and the track weed-strewn. It had fallen into a dangerous and decrepit state by 1953, the condition of the platform sleepers having seriously deteriorated.[7] Regular passenger services on the line were withdrawn after the last train on Saturday 2 January 1954.[8] The line was engineered and operated by Colonel H F Stephens. One of his 'bigger' feats was St Michaels Tunnel, located just north of the halt.[9]

St Michaels Tunnel
Preceding station Disused railways Following station
High Halden Road   British Railways
Southern Region

  Tenterden Town

Present day

There is no trace of Tenterden St. Michael's today; its site is now a footpath and cycleway.[10] To the north beyond the site of the level crossing over Grange Road, Orchard Road has been built along the right-of-way[11] and St. Michael's tunnel remains beneath Shoreham Lane at grid reference TQ883354.[12]


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