Tennessee State Route 22

State Route 22 primary marker State Route 22 secondary marker

State Route 22
Route information
Length: 172.8 mi[1] (278.1 km)
Major junctions
South end: MS 2 near Corinth, MS
  US 64 in Crump
US 412 / SR 104 in Lexington
I-40 in Parkers Crossroads
US 70 in Huntingdon
US 79 in McKenzie
US 45E in Martin
US 45W / US 51 in Union City
North end: Kentucky Bend
Counties: McNairy, Hardin, Chester, Henderson, Carroll, Henry, Weakley, Obion, Lake
Highway system
SR 21US 23

State Route 22 (SR-22) is a 172.8-mile long (278.1 km) south-to-north state highway in the western part of the U.S. state of Tennessee. It begins at the Mississippi state line in McNairy County, where the roadway continues as Mississippi Highway 2. It ends at the Kentucky state line in Lake County, when it crosses into the Kentucky Bend, a detached portion of Fulton County, Kentucky.

The monument for the 1862 Battle of Island Number Ten in the American Civil War is located on SR-22, approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Tiptonville.

Major intersections

Mississippi state line0.00.0Southern terminus; roadway continues as Mississippi Highway 2 toward Corinth
McNairyMichie4.67.4 SR 224 north (Michie–Pebble Hill Road) StantonvilleSouthern terminus of SR-224
7.612.2 SR 57 Pickwick Landing, Eastview
HardinShiloh11.518.5 SR 142 south SouthsideSouthern end of SR-142 concurrency
Shiloh National Military Park13.121.1 SR 142 north SelmerNorthern end of SR-142 concurrency; western terminus of Hamburg–Purdy Road
Crump19.932.0 US 64 east (SR-15) SavannahSouthern end of US-64 concurrency
20.132.3 SR 69 north Morris ChapelSouthern terminus of SR-69
McNairyAdamsville24.038.6 US 64 (East Main Street/SR-15 west) / SR 117 south (South Maple Street) SelmerNorthern end of US-64 concurrency; northern terminus of SR-117
32.852.8 SR 69 south Morris ChapelSouthern end of SR-69 concurrency
Milledgeville33.854.4 SR 22A north / SR 69 north (Saltillo Road) Enville, SaltilloNorthern end of SR-69 concurrency; southern terminus of SR-22A
ChesterEnville SR 224 south (Leapwood Road) – Coon Creek Science CenterNorthern terminus of SR-224
Henderson40.565.2 SR 201 north SardisSouthern terminus of SR-201; eastern terminus of Roby Road
42.568.4 SR 100 Henderson, Scotts Hill
Lexington51.783.2 SR 22A south (Cook Street) Jacks CreekNorthern terminus of SR-22A
53.786.4 US 412 / SR 104 (Church Street)
Parkers Crossroads63.5102.2 I-40 Memphis, NashvilleI-40, exit 108
CarrollClarksburg68.9110.9 SR 424 east (Murphy Lane) YumaSouthern end of SR-424 concurrency; eastern terminus of Pritchard Street
69.1111.2 SR 424 westNorthern end of SR-424 concurrency
Huntingdon77.4124.6 US 70 east (Veterans Drive South) CamdenInterchange; southern end of US-70 concurrency; no exit number
SR 22 Bus. north (Lexington Street)
Southern terminus of SR-22 Business
US 70 / US 70 Bus. (West Main Street/SR-1) Jackson
Northern end of US-70 concurrency; western terminus of US-70 Business
80.5129.6 US 70A west / SR 77 westSouthern end of US-70A concurrency; eastern terminus of SR-77
US 70A east / SR 22 Bus. south (Paris Street) Bruceton
Northern end of US-70A concurrency; northern terminus of SR-22 Business
McKenzie88.6142.6 SR 124 north (Old McKenzie Road)Southern terminus of SR-124; western terminus of Dr. Smith Lane
90.1145.0 SR 423 McKenzie
90.7146.0 US 79 (Highland Drive/SR-76) Paris
Henry92.7149.2 SR 140 south (Verdell Store Road) ComoNorthern terminus of SR-140 and North Como Street
WeakleyGleason98.9159.2 SR 190 (Gleason–Newberry Store Road/Gleason–Como Road)
Dresden104.3167.9 SR 217 north (County Maintenance Road)
107.1172.4 SR 54 (Morrow Street) Greenfield
108.0173.8 SR 89 (Sharon Highway/West Main Street) Sharon, Palmersville
Martin108.1174.0 US 45E south (SR-216 west) / SR 431 north (Main Street) MilanInterchange; southern end of US-45E concurrency; southern terminus of SR-431; eastern terminus of unsigned SR-216; no exit number
114.4184.1Industrial Park DriveInterchange; no exit number
US 45E Bus. south (North Lindell Street) / US 45E north (SR-372) South Fulton
Interchange; northern end of US-45E concurrency; northern terminus of US-45E Business; no exit number
118.2190.2 SR 43 (Skyhawk Parkway) South FultonInterchange; no exit number
119.8192.8 SR 431 (University Street) MartinInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance; no exit number
122.6197.3Terrell RoadInterchange; no exit number
Obion125.2201.5 Shaffner Road Everett-Stewart Regional AirportInterchange; no exit number
126.3203.3 SR 431 (Reelfoot Avenue) Union CityInterchange; no exit number
Union City127.0204.4Tyson DriveInterchange; no exit number
128.5206.8 US 45W south (Nailling Drive) / SR 214 north (Ken Tenn Highway) Union City, South FultonInterchange; southern end of US-45W concurrency; southern terminus of SR-214; no exit number
128.9207.4 US 45W north / US 51 north South FultonInterchange; northern end of US-45W concurrency; southern end of US-51 concurrency; no exit number; Road continues north as Section Line Road
131.0210.8 SR 21 (North Clover Street)
133.6215.0 US 51 south (Everett Boulevard) / SR 5 south (West Main Street) to US 45W TroyNorthern end of US-51 concurrency; southern end of SR-5 concurrency
134.8216.9 SR 5 north (West Main Street) Woodland MillsNorthern end of SR-5 concurrency
147.8237.9 SR 157 northSouthern terminus of SR-157
156.1251.2 SR 21 east HornbeakSouthern end of SR-21 concurrency
Obion RiverHill–Talley Bridge over the Obion River, marking the Obion–Lake county line
LakeTiptonville161.7260.2 SR 78 (Carl Perkins Highway/Kentucky Street) Dyersburg, Hickman, KY, Carl Perkins Boyhood Home, Air Park
162.2261.0 SR 21 west (Church Street)Northern end of SR-21 concurrency
165.1265.7 SR 212 east (Negro Graveyard Road) – Northwest Correctional ComplexWestern terminus of SR-212
Kentucky state line172.8278.1Northern terminus; roadway continues as Kentucky Bend Road into the eastern part of Kentucky Bend.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
SR-22 shield north of I-40 in Henderson County

Alternate route

State Route 22A
Location: MilledgevilleLexington
Length: 26.0 mi[2] (41.8 km)
SR-22A shield at Jacks Creek

State Route 22A (SR-22A) is a 26.0-mile-long (41.8 km) alternate route of SR-22 that exists in the west-central part of the U.S. state of Tennessee. Its routing takes it through parts of McNairy, Chester, and Henderson counties. SR-22 is one of only three highways in the state to have signed alternate routes.

It begins in Milledgeville, at an intersection with the SR-22 mainline and SR-69, in McNairy County. The highway travels due west for one block and curves to the northwest and enters Chester County. Just on the outer city limits of Milledgeville, SR-22A curves to a western routing and enters Enville. There, it intersects the northern terminus of SR-224 (Leapwood Road) and curves to the north-northwest. After a slight jog to the west, it resumes its north-northwesterly routing and leaves town. SR-22A travels through rural areas of the county and enters Jacks Creek, where it intersects SR-100. The alternate route then curves to the north-northeast and enters Henderson County. It eventually enters Lexington, where it intersects the northern terminus of SR-200 and curves to a due-east routing and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with the SR-22 mainline in the extreme southern part of the city.[2]

SR-22A is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[3]

McNairyMilledgeville0.00.0 SR 22 / SR 69 Adamsville, Savannah, LexingtonSouthern terminus
ChesterEnville4.06.4 SR 224 south (Leapwood Road) Coon Creek Science CenterNorthern terminus of SR-224
Jacks Creek12.319.8 SR 100 Henderson, Decaturville
HendersonLexington25.340.7 SR 200 south (Life Road)Northern terminus of SR-200
26.041.8 SR 22 (South Broad Street)Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Huntingdon business loop

State Route 22 Business
Location: Huntingdon, Tennessee
Length: 2.7 mi (4.3 km)

State Route 22 Business (SR 22 Bus.) is a business route in Huntingdon, Tennessee.

It begins at U.S. Route 70/State Route 364 south of downtown and heads north into downtown and junctions with US 70 Business in downtown and proceeds northward and comes to an end at State Route 22 and State Route 77 north of downtown.

Interstate 169

Interstate 169
Location: MartinUnion City

The SR-22 freeway section from Martin to Union City is proposed to be Interstate 169 (I-169), an auxiliary route of I-69.[4] Another I-169 exists in Texas.

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