Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Station

Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station

Tanimachi Line platform, January 2008
Location Tenjimbashi Rokuchome, Kita, Osaka, Osaka
Coordinates 34°42′38.17″N 135°30′38.82″E / 34.7106028°N 135.5107833°E / 34.7106028; 135.5107833Coordinates: 34°42′38.17″N 135°30′38.82″E / 34.7106028°N 135.5107833°E / 34.7106028; 135.5107833
Operated by
Other information
Station code K11, T18
Opened 1925
Previous names Tenjimbashi (until 1969)
Tenroku Hankyū Building was the former Tenjinbashi terminal of Hankyu.

Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station (天神橋筋六丁目駅 Tenjimbashisuji Roku-chōme Eki) is located in Tenjimbashi Rokuchome, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. Nicknamed, "Ten-roku", it is located on the Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line, the Sakaisuji Line and the Hankyu Railway Senri Line (also through trains to the Kyoto Line).

Until 1969 there was the terminal station of the Hankyū Senri Line named Tenjinbashi Station (天神橋駅) which opened in 1925. When the Sakaisuji Line subway opened, the station was replaced by the underground Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station. The station building (Ten-Roku Hankyu Building) and platforms remained until 2009, when the building was demolished to make way for high-rise condominiums.

The world's largest covered shopping street, known as the Tenjimbashisuji Shotengai, begins at Ten-roku. It is 2.6 kilometres (1.6 mi) long.


There is an island platform with two tracks for each line.

Tanimachi Line (T18)
1  Tanimachi Line for Higahi-Umeda, Tennoji, and Yaominami
2  Tanimachi Line for Miyakojima and Dainichi
Sakaisuji Line (K11) and Hankyu Railway Senri Line
1  Sakaisuji Line for Sakaisuji-Hommachi, Nippombashi, Dobutsuen-mae, and Tengachaya
2  Hankyu Railway Senri Line for Awaji, Kita-Senri, Takatsuki-shi, and Kyoto (Kawaramachi)

Gas explosion incident

On April 8, 1970, a gas explosion occurred during the construction of the Tanimachi Line at this station, killing 79 people and injuring 420.[1][2] The gas leaked out from a detached joint and filled the tunnel and exploded, creating a fire pillar of over 10 meters and destroying 495 houses and buildings.[3]

Stations next to Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchome

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Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line (K11)
Hankyu Railway Senri Line (K11)
Kunijima (Senri Line, HK-87)   Local   Ogimachi (Sakaisuji Line, K12)
Awaji (Senri Line, HK-63)   Semi-Express   Ogimachi (Sakaisuji Line, K12)
Awaji (Senri Line, HK-63)   Limited Express "Hozu"   Nippombashi (Sakaisuji Line, K17)


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