Tengger Desert

Not to be confused with Tengger caldera.
Tengger Desert
Тэнгэр цөл / 腾格里沙漠

Landscape of the southern fringe of the Tengger Desert

Map of China with Inner Mongolia highlighted in orange and Alxa League, where the desert is located, highlighted in red.
Country China
  Total 36,700 km2 (14,200 sq mi)
Elevation 1,400 m (4,600 ft)

The Tengger Desert (Mongolian: Тэнгэр цөл, Chinese: 腾格里沙漠; pinyin: Ténggélǐ Shāmò; literally: "Sky Desert") is an arid natural region that covers about 36,700 km2 and is mostly in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China.

The desert is expanding in size.[1]


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Coordinates: 38°42′N 104°42′E / 38.700°N 104.700°E / 38.700; 104.700

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