Tempo Records (UK)

Tempo Records was an independent British record label. It specialized in jazz recordings, and was started in 1949 by Colin Pomroy, Jack Clough, and R.E.G. (Ron) Davies (producer). This label had two periods of activity.

UK Tempo label c. 1950

In the late 1940s and early 1950s Tempo re-released a series of discs of recordings made c. 1930 for the Paramount label (the Re-Issue Series with catalogue numbers prefixed 'R'), as well as a new series of discs of musicians working in the revivalist idiom recorded for the marque (the Modern Series with catalogue numbers prefixed 'A').[1] Recordings of this latter kind of jazz largely dried up after 1953.

From about 1955, after the label was sold, modernists such as Jimmy Deuchar, Tubby Hayes and Dizzy Reece were recorded. The last recording session took place in late 1960, and the label was subsequently wound up. The majority of the recordings by modern jazz musicians have been reissued on CD by Jasmine Records.

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