Temple of the gens Flavia

The temple on the Gismondi model at the EUR, Rome.

The Temple of the gens Flavia (Latin: templum gentis Flaviaea) was a Roman temple on the Quirinal Hill, dedicated by Domitian at the end of the 1st century to other members of the Flavian dynasty. It was sited at the ad Malum Punicum, on a site near the present-day junction of Via XX Settembre and Via delle Quattro Fontane. This site was near the residences of Vespasian (Domitian's birthplace) and Vespasian's brother Titus Flavius Sabinus.

It is first mentioned in Book IX of Martial's Epigrams - this was published in 94 and so it seems the temple was built and dedicated towards the end of Domitian's reign, as the culmination of his campaign to deify his elder brother Titus, Titus' daughter Julia Flavia and Domitian's own son who had died in infancy.


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