Telephone numbers in Peru

Peru telephone numbers
Country Peru
Continent South America
Access codes
Country calling code +51
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

Phone numbers formats

Telephone numbers in Peru are made of:

Mobile telephony

Fixed (land) lines

Area codes

Peruvian area codes for each region (national subdivision) are 2 digits long except for Lima and Callao. On 1 March 2003 new codes were established.

The following is a list of the area codes in Peru:[1]

Area code Region
1 Lima and Callao
41 Amazonas
43 Ancash
83 Apurímac
54 Arequipa
66 Ayacucho
76 Cajamarca
84 Cusco
67 Huancavelica
62 Huánuco
56 Ica
64 Junín
44 La Libertad
74 Lambayeque
65 Loreto
82 Madre de Dios
53 Moquegua
63 Pasco
73 Piura
51 Puno
42 San Martín
52 Tacna
72 Tumbes
61 Ucayali

Mobile phone calls within Peru (Mobile Virtual Area)

From September 4, 2010, a national Mobile Virtual Area[2] was created meaning that all mobile numbers in Peru are non-geographical (not attached to any geographical region but instead to the new MVA). In addition to that all mobile numbers across the country turned to nine digits long: 9xx xxx xxx.[3]

The following instructions are valid across the country:[4]

Calls from mobile to mobile

    9xx xxx xxx (just dial the 9-digit number)

Calls from mobile to landline

    0 + area code + phone number
    Example on how to call to Piura: 0 + 73 + 388351

Calls from fixed line to mobile

    9xx xxx xxx (just dial the 9-digit number)

Domestic calls within Peru

Calls from fixed line to landline

    Call to a number in the same area: just dial the phone number
    Call to a number in another area (domestic long distance):  0 + area code + phone number.

International long distance

Calling Peru from abroad

Calling a fixed line

    +51 + area code + phone number

Where the plus sign (+) represents the International access code of the country are calling from.

From North America: 011 + 51 + area code + phone number


From Europe or most APAC countries: 00 + 51 + area code + phone number

Calling a mobile number

    +51 + 9-digit mobile number

The mobile virtual area eliminates the use of area code for mobile numbers.

Calling abroad from Peru

In Peru, when making an international call you may choose a carrier for international calls different from your usual carrier/provider according to the rates carriers offer to attract callers. This system is known as "call by call" (in Spanish "Llamada por llamada") as each call can be made with a different carrier and is available to both fixed lines and mobile phones. Each carrier uses a 4-digit prefix (format 19XX).

International dialing format

This is the standard format in Peru for making calls abroad from fixed lines and mobile phones:

    19XX + 00 + country code + area code + phone number


It is mandatory to choose a 19XX carrier when calling internationally from a fixed line.

If you are calling internationally from a mobile phone you have the option not to use the 19XX prefix. You may dial starting with the "+" symbol

    +country code + area code + phone number

and the international call will go through your provider's network.

Example calls

From Peru to USA/Canada:

Special numbers


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