Teen Maar


Promotional poster
Directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee
Produced by Bandla Ganesh
Written by Trivikram Srinivas
Story by Imtiaz Ali
Based on Love Aaj Kal
by Imtiaz Ali
Starring Pawan Kalyan
Trisha Krishnan
Kriti Kharbanda
Danah Marks
Paresh Rawal
Sonu Sood
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Naveen Varadarajan (New York Schedule)
Parameswara art Productions
Distributed by Bharathi Films
Release dates
  • 14 April 2011 (2011-04-14)
Running time
149 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu

Teenmaar (Celebration of Love) is a 2011 Telugu language Indian romantic drama film directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee. The film is a remake of the Hindi film Love Aaj Kal,[1] with Pawan Kalyan, Trisha Krishnan and Kriti Kharbanda playing the lead roles.[2] The film's music is composed by Mani Sharma. The film portrays the feeling of pure love which never changes, although the perspective of realising one's soulmate has changed over time. The film, which was earlier referred to as Khushiga and Lovely, before being officially titled as Teenmaar,[3][4][5] had released on 14 April 2011. The audio of the film was released on 21 March 2011.[6]


Michael Velayudham (Pawan Kalyan) is a chef in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an easygoing chap who flirts with girls and makes the most of his affairs. His ambition is to go to US and work in New York for a stockbroker. He dates one of his acquaintances Meera Shastri (Trisha Krishnan), an art restoration professional in Cape Town. After a year, they agree to break up as she has to move to India for work and he thinks long-distance relationships don't work. In Cape Town, Michael meets Senapathi (Paresh Rawal) the owner of a restaurant who narrates the love story of his friend Arjun Palwai (Pawan) with Vasumati (Kriti Kharbanda) which had happened around 1981. Meanwhile, after Meera moves to India, Michael fails to connect with any other girl. To prove to her that he has moved on, he meets a blonde girl Michelle (Danah Marks) in a bar and dates her. However, Meera is proposed to by her family friend Sudheer (Sonu Sood), a politician, and she agrees to marry him, only to prove that she has moved on too. He comes to India with some pretext and meets Meera. Michael, who is frustrated that Meera married Sudheer, gets desperate and tries to regret what had happened so far in his sorrow he gets an offer for his dream job in US. After initially having joyful moments in his new job, he eventually feels some loneliness which he doesn't understand. The rest of the story focuses on how Michael realizes his mistakes and how Arjun Palwai's story makes an impact on his decision.


B.Ganesh and Pawan Kalyan bought the rights to remake the Bollywood film Love Aaj Kal 4 crore (US$590,000).[7]


Trisha Krishnan (left) and Kriti Kharbandha (right) were selected as lead heroines marking their first collaboration with Pawan Kalyan.


Mani Sharma composed the songs for the film and compiled the background score.

1."Aale Bhale"  Bhaskar BatlaVedala Hemachandra, Sravana Bhargavi 
2."Barbie Bommaki"  Bhaskar BatlaBenny Dayal, Suchitra 
3."Chiguru Boniya"  ViswaVishwa 
4."Gelupu Talupule"  RahamanSreeram Chandra 
5."Sri Ganga"  Ramajogayya SastryHema Chandra, Srivardhini 
6."Vayyaraala"  RahamanKarunya 


Indiaglitz stated that "Pawan Kalyan surely focused on this movie and consciously worked hard not to disappoint his fans. He succeeds in his attempt. It is a good movie that makes for a pleasant watch".[8] Oneindia stated that "The film is about a clash between the current and the past generation. The audience in B, C centres may find it difficult to understand the movie at parts due to the jumbling of scenes, which highlight the present and past generation. Moreover, the use of Italian language by the hero for most part of the first half may confuse the audience. However, the film would run well in A centres and it is worth a watch".[9]


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