Location in Northwestern Macedonia.

Location in the Republic of Macedonia.

Coordinates: 42°7′1.2″N 21°4′58.8″E / 42.117000°N 21.083000°E / 42.117000; 21.083000
Country  Republic of Macedonia
Municipality Tearce municipality
Population (2002)
  Total 3,974
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Website http://www.tetovo.gov.mk

Tearce (Macedonian: Теарце [ˈtɛ.artsɛ], Albanian: Tearca) is a village located 12 km to the northeast of Tetovo, in northwestern Republic of Macedonia, about 15 kilometres from the border with Kosovo. It is a seat of the Tearce municipality. Population 3,974 (2002). The B-405 road connects it to Tetovo.

Tearce has an Albanian majority. The remaining population is Macedonian, Turkish, and Romani. The village was affected by the conflict of 2001, which strained relations between the ethnic groups in the village. On 22 January 2001 the police station at Tearce was shelled, killed one policeman and injuring three others.


    Center for education and development- Tearce

    Coordinates: 42°07′01″N 21°04′59″E / 42.117°N 21.083°E / 42.117; 21.083

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