Teapot Island

Teapot Island

A wishing well in the cafe garden of Teapot Island.
Established 2003
Dissolved 2014
Location Yalding, Kent
Coordinates 51°13′18″N 0°25′05″E / 51.2217°N 0.4181°E / 51.2217; 0.4181Coordinates: 51°13′18″N 0°25′05″E / 51.2217°N 0.4181°E / 51.2217; 0.4181
Collection size 6,000 Teapots
Website Official Website

Teapot Island is a teapot museum in Kent, England. The museum grew from the personal teapot collection of owner Sue Blazye, which started when her grandmother gave her a teapot in 1983, encouraging other family members and friends to do the same.[1] The growth of her collection eventually led to her needing a larger space to house it, and she established Teapot Island in Yalding, in November 2002.[1] The building used for the collection used to be a cafe called the Riverside Diner, which has been in operation since the 1950s.[2][3] The collection has been valued at £15,000.[4]

Teapot Island was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004, for being the largest collection of teapots.[1] The museum lost this title in 2011, when it was awarded to a man in China with a collection of 30,000.[5] In 2011, the museum was featured in the book Crap Days Out, in which the authors stated: "It's awful if you don't like teapots. But it's probably all right if you do."


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