Target in the Clouds

Target in the Clouds
Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Produced by Alfred Greven
Hans Tost
Written by Hans Rabl (novel)
Alf Teichs
Eberhard Frowein
Philipp Lothar Mayring
Starring Albert Matterstock
Leny Marenbach
Brigitte Horney
Werner Fuetterer
Music by Wolfgang Zeller
Cinematography Hans Schneeberger
Eberhard von der Heyden
Edited by Helmuth Schönnenbeck
Distributed by Terra Film
Release dates
10 March 1939
Running time
99 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Target in the Clouds (German:Ziel in den Wolken) is a 1939 German drama film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Albert Matterstock, Leny Marenbach and Brigitte Horney. It was based on a novel by Hans Rabl. The film portrays the struggles of the fictional German aviation pioneer Walter von Suhr, an officer in the pre-First World War German army who saw the potential for military aircraft.[1]



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