Tar River (Kyrgyzstan)

Tar River (Тар)
Country Kyrgyzstan
State Osh Province
Region Kara-Kulja District
 - left Kayindy-Bulak River,
 - right Terek River (Kyrgyzstan), Kulun River
Source Kegart River
 - elevation 3,958 m (12,986 ft)
 - coordinates KG 40°20′41″N 74°54′24″E / 40.34472°N 74.90667°E / 40.34472; 74.90667
Length 192 km (119 mi)
Basin 4,420 km2 (1,707 sq mi)

The Tar River (Kyrgyz: Тар) is a river in Kara-Kulja District of Osh Province of Kyrgyzstan. It rises on the south-west slopes of Fergana Range and north slopes of Alay Mountains. The portion of the Tar River from its source to confluence with Eshegart River is known as Kegart, the portion up to mouth of Terek River is called Alaykuu River, downstream its name is Oy-Tal River, and from its confluence with Kara-Bel River it is known as Tar River. By confluence with Kara-Kulja River Tar River forms Kara Darya River.

It has a length of 192 kilometres (119 mi) with a basin area of 4,420 square kilometres (1,710 sq mi).[1]


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