Tan Sitong's Former Residence

Tan Sitong's Former Residence (simplified Chinese: 谭嗣同故居; traditional Chinese: 譚嗣同故居; pinyin: Tán Sìtóng Gùjū) was built in the late Ming Dynasty. It is located in Liuyang city, Hunan province, China.[1][2][3] It has a building area of about 10000 square meters.


From age 15 to 17, Tan Sitong lived here.

In November 1996, it was listed as a "Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level" (Chinese: 全国重点文物保护单位) by the State Council of China.

In April 2002, it was listed as a "Patriotic Education Base" (Chinese: 爱国主义教育基地) by the Hunan Provincial People's Government.

The gate
Tan Sitong's portrait.
The statue of Tan Sitong.
The horizontal tablet.


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